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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Rant Part 1: My Favourite game

FF8 was my first FF game, though it is a respectable game in it's own right, I've always seen it as overshadowed ny 7, 9 and 10. Out of these three FF10 is my least favourite, though I love the voice acting and great graphics it was way too short for a decent FF game, that and FF10-2 just ruined it.

Between FF7 and FF9, I'd choose 9, why? Well let me explain. Both games were brilliant games of their time, but I got FF9 a long time before FF7, so 7's graphics were always going to be dated. Second they both have a similar storyline, but FF9's just shone above 7's for me, you never could tell which twist it would take. I'm not saying 7 was predictable, I'm saying 9 was less predictable. Thirdly compare the main characters: Cloud ex-soldier able to do pretty much everything and kick any thing's donkey. Zidane was more human, a knife (and eventually thief-sword) wielding thief isn't the obvious choice of main character. Other characters kind of equal out each other, though I will admit FF7 had the cooler cast, but Vivi rocked.

Battle systems square up more on FF9's side, with 4 party members over the traditional 3, with a little bit of interaction (Vivi and Steiner [or as I always named him Rusty] and the magic sword ability), and making abilities character based made did make it more fun for working out what party you would use. However, as with pretty much any FF game you always ended up with the same party day in day out. Summons about equal, but the better graphics and use of them in the storyline give 9 another edge (plus what was that nonsense about Neo-Bahamut etc.?).

Magic systems, well as I've said Vivi rocked, being the lone black mage, and a true black mage at that. Also compare villains magic, Meteor vs. Ultima, every FF fan knows which wins. Unfortunately for 9 Kuja was a bit of a Sephy rip off, but his attitude and (once again) lack of donkey kicking sword puts him in a different section, plus the music, I have downloaded it for all it's glory. Sephy vs. Kuja would be an interesting match, but Kuja is less prone to death than old Sephy, plus he only need one of himself to function.

FF9 was more of a fun game, never took itself too serious, as the graphics showed, with the FF7 movie and spin off games it is very serious, and it depends on what you like and I loved the charm and quirkyness of 9. Sure I've loved the film and Derge of Cerberus, but FF9 never needed any spin offs, unlike FF7.

Final Fantasy Rant Part 2: Pros and Cons of each game

Final Fantasy 1

  • First game
  • Able to choose classes
  • 4 Character Parties
  • Range of transport
  • Rigid party
  • No character development
  • Static Fights

Final Fantasy 2

  • Better Storyline
  • Less rigid character system
  • Not hugely different from FF1
  • Static Fights

Final Fantasy 3

Haven't played

Final Fantasy 4

Haven't played

Final Fantasy 5

  • Active Time Battle
  • Greater Character Development
  • Good story
  • Not much advance in Graphics
  • Strange second part to the game (if I remember rightly)

Final Fantasy 6

  • Good range of characters
  • Forced to use all character
  • Story gets fragmented
  • Still the same old graphics

Final Fantasy 7

  • First FF game on PS
  • Great story
  • Great cast <3 Tifa
  • Great villain <3 Sephy
  • Great weaponry
  • Fun minigames
  • Continues in film and Derge of Cerberus
  • Graphics
  • Cut scenes are not better
  • Ending is a bit random

Final Fantasy 8

  • First FF with decent graphics
  • Interesting game system
  • Use of summons in storyline (if only a little)
  • Good cast
  • Great music
  • Great Cut scenes
  • Good storyline
  • Explanation for monsters
  • Inventive limit breaks
  • Not too easy
  • Boost on summons
  • SeeD Rank
  • Card game
  • Too much technology (who'd really fight with swords when guns are commonly available)
  • Timed parts

Final Fantasy 9

  • Brilliant Story
  • Great villain <3 Kuja
  • Great music <3 Kuja's music
  • Good Cast <3 Vivi
  • Not too easy
  • Partial explanation for monsters
  • Grinding needed sometimes
  • Trance (Kuja made it cool but it got infuriating when it came on at the wrong time)
  • Final Boss
  • Strange off side bits sometimes
  • Chocographs!

Final Fantasy 10

  • Great Graphics
  • Good Cast
  • New battle system
  • Commands other than just fighting
  • Overdrives
  • Opening cut scene
  • Continued in 10-2
  • Too easy
  • Too few side quests
  • Ultimate weapons available too easy
  • Easy to become overpowered (999999 damage to Omega weapon... come on!)

Final Fantasy 10-2

  • Quirky
  • Okay cast
  • Only all female party
  • Mars FF10's reputation
  • Too easy to complete (I got 100%!)
  • Repetition!?!
  • Got dry quickly

Final Fantasy Tactics

Haven't played

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

  • Good character development despite it being fluid in the cast
  • Great Job system
  • Gets boring after a while

Final Fantasy Rant Part 3: My Favourite characters

The battle for top place, is between Kuja and Sephiroth. Sephy had the cooler weaponry, but Kuja was just too awesome for words. "The weak lose their freedom to the strong. Such is the way of the strong. And it is the providence of nature that only the strong survive. That is why I needed strength." Perfect as a villian, an Angel of Death.

Of course Sephiroth also fits that bill. However in a straight out fight Kuja would beat Sephy, here's why. Sephy has to run around to find the black materia all Kuja has to do is kill people and he get's into Trance, say they both achieve this they now get to attack with their specials, Sephy summons a huge great meteor from the sky, Kuja destroys it with Ultima then turns it on Sephy. No amount of nifty sword swinging can save you from that, especially with Kuja's other attack, Flare Star (ignoring reflect ect.) Thunderaga and Demi. Oh yeah did I also mention Trance Kuja also has Meteor and Holy, Curaga and Reflect. Things aren't looking good for old Sephy, his best attack is merely one of many on Kuja, all right he's not push over, but when things go downhill my money's on Kuja.

Favourite main character, Cloud.

Favourite female, Tifa

Favourite party character, Vincent

Favorite Party, my FF10 one, Yuna, Auron and Tidus (why I have the latter I don't know, he doesn't do much). Auron has first strike, and break dmg limit, one instant kill down, Yuna has second, with break dmg limit, another insta-kill, then Auron hits again, 3d down, and finally if there's anything left Tidus picks up the pieces. Auron and Tidus have all their overdrives, Yuna all summons, all of them can doublecast Ultima but none have needed to yet.