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Not checking the wiki at all regularly, you can still leave messages if you wish, but I may take some months in responding to them.

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General Information
  • IGN: Cloud
  • Location: South Coast, England
  • Realm: Europe
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male


Once Majestic, now Banished.

These Dragons will fly forevermore.

Their names live on, never to be forgotten.

To the pages of history

- Cloud Xan

I'm Cloud, a big fan of RPG's in general, as my name suggests that love began with the Final Fantasy games. However the matter of my favourite isn't as clear cut, Click here to see my reasons, and much else beside.
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MaDness does suit me better than BaDness, however MaDvertiser doesn't sound as good as BaDvertiser, I'm one of two members of the guild who product advertisements for the guild events. I've also branched into Avatars. If I can wok out how I'll post them up for the world at large to see.

Aside from GW I'm a keen musician... well drummer, and idolize Mike Portnoy (how many drummers don't?). I also kayak, and am currently the webmaster for the club.

My Rants


Wiki buds



I'm an ex-officer and member of the Majestic Dragons [MaD], now a member of Banished Dragons [BaD] again :).

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