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General Information

  • IGN: Rinoa Hawkeye
  • Location: Illinois, United States
  • Realm: North America
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Currently Playing: Monk


I first started gaming when the original Nintendo was around, but since then, I've moved on to bigger and better things (hard to outdo Nintendo!). As for Guild Wars, I enjoyed PvE from the start, and I eventually got into PvP, which I also enjoy. I traveled from guild to guild, starting off in Dracolytes of Dawn (until it disbanded), moving to Descendants of Darkness (until a fiasco that produced a dissenting guild), to The Brotherhood of Kain (the dissenting guild), and finally to my home in Blade and Rose in July of 2007.

I mostly play PvE, although I also like PvP (special fondness for HA). I would love to do more of it. In PvE, I like to group with guildies and allies to do just about anything, as those experiences tend to be the most fun. ^_^ As for PvP, I'm somewhere in the middle of Rank 3 Hero and would love to get to Rank 4 asap, so if you need another player for HA, count me in.

In 2011, I married The Sins We Live By!

Wiki Friends

This userpage was inspired by that of Lensor.


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