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Rohar's Roughnecks [RRN]

Rohars Roughnecks [RRN]
Guild Rohars Roughnecks cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 36
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Rohars' Roughnecks


Rohar's Roughnecks encourage active players that enjoy the Guild Wars missions and quests. Most of our members have multiple characters working on completing the missions for all 3 campaigns. We organize groups to complete campaign missions and quests on a nightly basis, based on the needs of the majority of members. We also have members that enjoy farming in FoW and UW. Occasionally, we run guild contests where participants complete a defined set of tasks in game and are then eligible to receive prizes. We also schedule the occasional dance party. Every special event in game also provides us with an opportunity to get together for an hour of fun.

Our guild members are eagerly awaiting the release of Guild Wars II. In the meantime, many guild members are working on titles and furnishing their 'Hall of Monuments'.

Guild Wars Fansite

Rohar's Roughnecks is proud to have developed the Roughnecks' Character Progress Tracker. This site is an official fansite of Guild Wars, and allows you to track several aspects of the game across multiple characters (and even multiple accounts). The tracking features include:


Rohar's Roughnecks are always on the look out for active, mature players that enjoy the aspects of PvE play. If you are interested in joining, please review our Guild Rules of Conduct and FAQs. Information on how to join the guild is available on our home page, or you can e-mail us at your convenience.


Guild Leader: Mille Lacs
Guild Officers: Bag of Hammers, Micosay Monk, Damien Deathfriend, Nick O Time, Barak Headhunter, Sky Starbreeze, Barin Aamir,

Rules of Conduct

Rohar's Roughnecks was formed to be a premiere guild composed of good, active players. By continuing to belong to this guild you agree to abide by the following rules of conduct.

  1. Help other Guild Wars players to enjoy their experience playing the game. This is not limited to guild members but includes all players in the community.
  2. Do not demean other players that play the game. Instead of calling a moronic noob, a moronic noob, offer constructive criticism that might lead to them becoming better players. (e.g. "if you auto attack with me by hitting T then space, we'll get through these fights faster" is better than "attack my f'ing targets you brainless, moronic noob". While the message is the same in the both, one presentation actually has a chance of success.)
  3. There is no rule 3
  4. Do NOT scam, cheat, or mislead any other player in the game.
  5. Do NOT use offensive language in chat windows. Children play this game and we should all be sensitive to that.
  6. Be cognizant of the players in the guild who are logged in when typing in Guild or Alliance Chat. Some of us have children that play with us and have access to guild chat. While our members will all consist of "mature" players, that doesn't mean they are all adults.
  7. Please ask (but do not beg) for items or help. If you need something ask twice a few minutes apart. If no one responds assume no one can provide the assistance you requested. Don't ask for gold, its really annoying. You COULD say (once per night) something like, "I really wish I could afford a Superior Rune of Healing." and hope like heck one of the rich guildies whispers you with "meet me in AC district 2". But don't count on it, don't ask for it, and absolutely don't tell anyone else about it if it happens.
  8. Help other guild mates complete quests and missions as often as you can. Give priority to characters attempting quests and missions in lieu of characters that are farming.
  9. Don't do anything stupid.
  10. Rohar's Roughnecks will not tolerate ANY type of racial, homophobic, religious, or geopolitical hatred of any kind!! You will absolutely be booted instantly without warning for this.
  11. It's bad form to sell stuff to guildies (EXCEPT perhaps for really good gold/green items to rich guildies.) Just don't use the guild chat as your avenue to sell them. Generally, give items to guildies, sell to non-guildies (no scamming :)

All officers will monitor the conduct of Rohar's Roughnecks members. Most violations will be met with a warning, but continued failure to abide by these rules will result in getting booted. (BTW, its very embarrassing to be kicked from the guild for a Rule 3 violation.)

Rohars Roughnecks Alliance
Leader Rohars Roughnecks
Members Burning Defenders Of Virtue • Total Assault Gaming