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Ahni Characters

I've been playing GW since Christmas of 2006, and have all chapters, including the expansion. My first and most beloved character, Drogan was chosen to be a ranger based on the description of the class in the Nightfall book. I liked the idea of being a steward of nature, so to speak. Ranger still is my favorite class to play, although I'm branching out to new classes.

I became a member of The Following Of Xanthar shortly after I started playing, and really feel like FoX is home to me. It's a wonderful group of people that I love hanging out with. We recently became a member guild of the BaR alliance, and hopefully it will be a long and productive relationship.

Future Accomplishments Links
  • Title hunter for Drogan
  • Ranger FoW armor
  • Legendary Survivor title for Zelai
  • Unlock character skills for heroes
  • Title hunter for Raven
  • learn how to trap
  • learn how to solo farm

I have shamelessly stolen layout ideas and templates from the following folks: BeXoR, Anja Astor, Lensor, and Wynthyst.