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Blade And Rose [BaR]
Guild Blade And Rose Cape.JPG
Territory International
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 71
Zebrachin Arcanum
Holy Hottie
Elex Aio
Shadow Tsang
Sarak Layghlin
Rinoa Hawkeye
Anthony Heartguard
Vanyel Va Ashima
Artan Duskstryder
Cerberus Edge
Wanchu Vedy
Riunne Anunvasa
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrilo

Blade And Rose [BaR]

The Guild of the Blade and Rose [BaR] is a cooperative guild with a strong focus on creating a friendly and family-like environment for its members. [BaR] likes its members to be on good terms with each other and help each other out in an environment which encourages people to have fun and help each other cooperatively.

[BaR] was founded near the launch of Guild Wars by Quintus Antonious. The first member of [BaR], apart from the founder, was co-founder and head officer Germanus Octavius. For many months, [BaR] remained a small guild with just two members until public recruitment was set up in late 2005. Slowly but surely, [BaR] became larger, and to this day, is still growing.

[BaR] is situated on the Imperial Isle Guild Hall, and has all services unlocked within the hall. The guild is Kurzick aligned and is a full member guild of the Guild Wars Online Alliance.

Blade and Rose is focused neither on PvE nor PvP, and the guild accepts and contains members who primarily do one or the other, or both. However, [BaR] is often on the front lines of Alliance Battles.

Blade and Rose had a membership explosion, and (formerly has been gracious enough to give them forum space. [BaR] also hosts its own Alliance website. In 2012, [BaR] continues to be an active guild, with many members working on their Halls of Monuments, having fun, and awaiting Guild Wars 2.

Guild Leaders

The guild has had several leaders in its existence. All were important to the guild's development with Quintus Antonious being the most prominent among them.

The Guild and the Community

Blade and Rose Guild has made some small contributions to the community in various ways. Some examples are:

  • Its founder, Quintus Antonious, was the mastermind behind the first Mursaat Rally. The guild members participated to support him.
  • The guild was involved in organizing the second Mursaat Rally and made substantial donations.
  • The guild and the alliance was a part of MantleCon 1079 AE in different ways. Sarak Layghlin served on the committee, the guild held a White Mantle and Mursaat only trivia contest giving away donated items from the alliance, and other donations were made.
  • Some of BaRites' avatars were used in Crystal Guard.


[BaR] PvE and PvP recruitment both are currently open.

In [BaR], players must pass a probation period of two weeks, during which they must show that they can fit in with the guild's expectations, culture, and current members. After the probation is over, full members vote for whether or not the probationary member stays. This system helps to ensure a pleasant guild experience.

When the guild opens a recruitment period, there are generally two types of recruitment it holds: PvE and PvP recruitment.

  • PvE Recruitment
    • If you are interested in PvE recruitment, please provide the following information:
      • In-game name (The name you wish to be invited into the guild is preferred);
      • Professions;
      • How long you have actively played Guild Wars;
      • Campaigns owned;
      • Timezone / World Region (EST, GMT, etc. / America, Europe, etc.);
      • A short paragraph detailing why you would be a good addition to the guild.
  • PvP Recruitment
    • If you are interested in PvP recruitment, please include the following information:
      • In-game Name (IGN);
      • World Region (Europe, America, etc.);
      • Timezone;
      • Estimated hours of play a day for weekdays and weekends;
      • Rank/Gladiator/Champion level;
      • Classes most skilled with;
      • Any other information you think may help, such as prior PvP experience and the like.
Blade and Rose Guild

Contact information

You may visit the Blade and Rose sub-forum on or the Blade and Rose Guild Forums.

Or alternatively, you may contact the officers listed at right (in game) for more information.

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