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In Pace Requiescat [RIP]

In Pace Requiescat [RIP]
Guild In Pace Requiescat cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Arthur Victus (Kahlan Cyfer)
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 50
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Ventrilo

The guild was founded by Arthur Victus, along with two net good friends, Sinoka and Kit.

We are Kurzick allied and aren't planning to change it anytime soon.

The guild name is from A Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe. Literally it means In Peace Rest, or Rest In Peace (which is why RIP for the guild tag).

Our guild hall is the Burning Isle, and is fully loaded with NPC's.

Our goals as a guild: to have fun and make new friends. We don't care what you do with your Faction. We are mainly PvE, but not strictly. Most guild members just don't care for PvP play. We love doing FoW/UW and would like to get groups together to do other high-end PvE play.


The main requirements of our guild are:

Be Friendly

This should be a given, who wants to be in a guild with people that always complain and are mean to everyone. We like to joke around, and some complaining is expected of course...just not all the time.

While we aren't strict on language, we do ask that it be kept to a minimum. We do understand that there are times when it slips because of certain frustrations, but we do ask that it mostly stay clean, especially in Alliance chat. While most of our members are adults, or becoming adults, we may have younger eyes online that don't need to be exposed to that. Warnings will be in effect if there are.

Be Willing to Help Guild/Alliance Members

Pretty self-explanatory there, do what you can to help other people in the alliance. You don't have to jump anytime someone says help, but if you aren't doing anything at the time, why not...being social is one of the primary reasons to be in a guild, right?

Aside from helping with missions/whatever else, contributions of event items are always encouraged, as well as collector items/spare armor mats/dyes/anything else that might be useful to new players or characters.

We also work on the whole "Pay it forward" concept. Say you've been given something. We don't expect payment, but we do hope that if you have something you aren't using and someone else needs, to "pay it forward."

Be Active

No one wants people in their guild that sit at the bottom of the list, we understand real life issues though and if you notify us of an extended time away from game you are fine (usually get the boot if you hit 3 months otherwise).

If you think you might fit in to our community, contact an officer (listed below).

Contact information

              Arthur Victus - Kahlan Cyfer - Xam Aran - The Legendary Druss -  Franse Tasdenz - Malcheor Valandil - Jenn Teal 

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