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Veritas Invictus [TRUE]
Guild Veritas Invictus cape2.png
Territory America/Europe/Africa/Asia
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~25
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP Mumble
Webpage Veritas Invictus Community Website


Veritas Invictus [TRUE] was founded on July 31, 2005 by a close group of players who frequently visited the Guild Wars fan site The original core group of members were PALs, a designation of for those who provide monetary support. Instead of being involved with other guilds that had few members or many inactive members, they decided to band together and create a guild for the people who really loved the game and enjoyed playing together. Shortly after, began hosting TRUE's forums. In June of 2013, a new web site was created dedicated to the guild for GW2- Veritas Invictus Community Website. but is now inactive, as well as

Since its founding by Reorx Fellstrom, the guild has evolved into a well-known and respected guild. As with many guilds, they have seen membership ebb and flow. However, they've proven that no matter what they might face, the few members who remain true to the guild continue to make it one in which they can take pride. Today, Ari Balifor is the guild's leader. About 35 members currently call [TRUE] home.

With the release of Factions, [TRUE] joined other like-minded guilds to form The Order Of Truth Alliance. The 24th October 2006, Veritas Invictus was chosen as a Guild of the Week. On March 27th, 2008, TRUE and the other members of [OT] joined up with fellow GWOnline guild GWO's alliance.

The focus of TRUE is to enjoy the many aspects of Guild Wars in a friendly atmosphere. The guild encourages its members to have fun while interacting with friendly people. The membership ranges in ages from 13 to 59 and represents several different countries.

Preferred Play Style

TRUE is neither a PvP or PvE specific guild. Rather, they have members who enjoy one over the other as well as those who enjoy both. However, PvE is what the majority of the guild enjoys most.

Members are into anything and everything when it comes to PvE. Like most other players, of course, they'll all get together and help each other through the missions to keep the guild "on the same page." If someone falls behind or they're starting a new character, it's not uncommon to see a "Call for Help" thread started in the TRUE forums.

If a guild member has been through a mission before, they volunteer advice on what build will work best and what to expect once inside. Otherwise, the guild just takes their time and learns as they go. They generally start off with a standard build of balanced healing, damage and support, and find out what they're getting into. If they fail the first time, they regroup and come back stronger. Sometimes that means luring to avoid mass aggro, or taking out enemies in a different priority.


Membership Process:

[TRUE] is accepting applications to join the guild for Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars. Information on how to apply needs updating.

What is [TRUE] looking for? Veritas Invictus wishes to attract players who are active and enthusiastic about the game. You should also be polite and respectful to your guildmates, but a good sense of humor is a huge plus! Our guild has members on both the American and European servers, and we try to keep it balanced as best we can. While we do not impose age restrictions, we do expect our members to behave in a mature fashion. Any behavior that would reflect badly on our guild is unacceptable.

There are two ways to become sponsored by a member. One is to contact one of our members online, meet with that person and develop a rapport with that person. In this way you will get to know us as well as us to know you. You can find a list of members on this page.

It is important that you include information about what campaigns you have, when you are usually on, whether you prefer PvP or PvE, a little bit about yourself (if you wish) and the IGN that you wish us to use to contact you. The majority of our players are PvE, those who enjoy PvP usually do so with our PvP oriented alliance guilds. If an existing member who has roughly the same play schedule as you agrees to sponsor you, you will be notified through your thread.


Meet some of the members of Veritas Invictus:

The above are just a few of the members of TRUE (those with wiki pages). If you want to check us out, please visit the Veritas Invictus Community Website.


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