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GWOnline Guild (GWO)

Gwonline Guild [GWO]
Guild Gwonline Guild cape.jpg
Territory The World
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~50
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
IRC channel, #guildwars
Webpage GWOnline


GWOnline was originally formed during the February 2005 BWE, making us one of the oldest Guilds in the game.

The Guild was created through a suggestion on the GWO forums. After a large number of us grouped together to take HoH in TotPK (now Hero's Ascent), it seemed like a fun idea to make a Guild. As we were all from GWO, we created the GWO Guild. Several names were considered that would abbreviate to GWO, including Great Warthog Oink, however, it was decided to stick with Guild Wars Online Guild.

Our Philosophy

GWO is a community guild with a diverse membership representative of locations and cultures from around the world. With this in mind, we strive for a community atmosphere among our members, encouraging our members to socialize and be active within the guild, be it missions, quests, PvP, GvG, or just general playtime together.


GWO received the Guild of the Week award for the week of October 2, 2007.

This award is the direct result of the members and leadership of GWO and our love of the game. We also want to thank the staff of GuildWars for this honor.

To Apply for Guild Membership

Please visit our Forums and complete the Membership Application.

Alliance Information

The GWO alliance was founded in March of 2008. The founding members felt that it was important that each member guild be a sovern guild bound to the alliance by friendship. To assist all members and the differant guilds in the alliance we developed a charter found here that all guilds are required to agree to prior to being admited to the alliance.

If you desire more information on our alliance please feel free to contact any of the member guilds.

Our Leadership

The following list of in-game names is provided for those wishing for more information regarding the GWO Guild. We are also available to help with missions, quests and PvP activities. Feel free to contact us in-game.

Members with Wiki Profiles

Contact information


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Gwonline Guild Alliance
Leader Gwonline Guild
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