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Since you're in here, better introduce myself.[edit]

I've been playing for over 2 years. The main reason that atracted me this game was, besides the free monthly fee, the possibility to create an Elementalist. I've always been a fan of the concept of the " 4 Elements ", particularly, Water. So, when Guild Wars offered me that chance, I tried and see if I liked it. Became instantly hooked ever since. My elementalist, Nemeon Lion, has become my main since the day I bought my account.

Information Boxes[edit]

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Nemeon Lion
Elementalist-icon.png Nemeon Lion
Reduce everything to ash.
Klaaj The Bruiser
Warrior-icon.png Klaaj The Bruiser
Bravely face your enemy without retreating.
Nemeon Spirit
Ranger-icon.png Nemeon Spirit
Never lose your prey.
Nemeon Shadow
Assassin-icon.png Nemeon Shadow
Kill quickly through the shades, unseen.
Nemeon Doom Bringer
Dervish-icon.png Nemeon Doom Bringer
Humbly reap the souls of sinners.
Nemeon Summoner
Ritualist-icon.png Nemeon Summoner
Summon swiftly, through The Mists.
Nemeon Light
Monk-icon.png Nemeon Light
Show the light to those that lost it.
Nemeon Mind
Mesmer-icon.png Nemeon Mind
Shatter the hope of your enemies.

P.S. Terribly sorry for the "image size" not being constant. Simply dont have the time (read: l.a.z.y.) for that.

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