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Blood Of The Martyr [Hope]

Blood Of The Martyr [Hope]
Guild Blood Of The Martyr cape.jpg
Territory Australia, Europe, North America,
Netherlands, South Africa
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 70+
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Team Speak 3
Forums Blood of the Martyr Forums

[Hope] was founded January 20th, 2008. It is composed of several members that have been around since the first betas, from other guilds, played since Guild Wars first hit retail and even newcomers to the game. Over the course of 3+ years, tightly woven friendships have formed, and new ones are being developed and fostered in [Hope] among Guild Wars players from around the world. Members help each other in any fashion needed. They do so quite happily allowing everyone in the guild to keep the game enjoyable for all. The guild is mostly PvE. There are also several players that enjoy PvP via Alliance Battles ect. It’s not uncommon to see a [Hope] member standing in one of the many outposts waiting to take on their next match with fierce excitement. Everyone is free to play the game as they see fit within the rules of fair gaming. Members and officers alike are welcome to create cooperative events, usually held on weekends, to accomplish personal goals within the game and to include others in the fun.

[Hope] provides members with
  • Team Speak 3 for in-game communication
  • Forum
  • Guild Hall (with all NPCs)
  • Cape

Membership Rules

As of May 19th, 2008 we joined the GWO Alliance and adhere to the GWO Alliance Charter [1]. We would appreciate that no swearing, begging or spamming take place in Alliance or Guild Chat.


As of December 28th, 2010, [Hope] is no longer accepting new members. If space becomes available, the wiki page will be updated with any news in that regard. Thank you! We plan to continue as a guild in GW2. Several have pre-purchased and participated in the 2012 beta events and are looking forward to it's official release.

We have decided that we will make Sanctum of Rall our home server for GW2.

Contact information

Guild Leader
  • Redvy Roxx
Guild Officers

Guild Forum

GWO Kurzick Alliance

Gwonline Guild Alliance
Leader Gwonline Guild
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