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Guild U L G G cape.jpg
Territory World
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~65
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage ULGG Website

The United Legit Gaming Guilds of Guild Wars is a long standing group of strictly legit, honorable gaming guilds in existence since 1997. The ULGG of GW enjoys all aspects of GW, and several other games, including WOW. We have been around since the BETA days of DI. The ULGG of GW are a mature group of guilds who come together for honorable gaming and to share ideas and items. We have a common thread of honor, mutual respect for all, and kindness which is all pervasive. We firmly believe in helping each other and the community.


Welcome to the United Legit Gaming Guilds of Guild Wars website. All users of the United Legit Gaming Guilds of Guild Wars site are required to register. We ask that you carefully read the rules on the Forum Page, with specific reference to language use, and then announce your arrival in the Announcing the Arrival of our Latest Board Member Section.

To be officially added to our ULGG Ingame roster as an initiate, you must precisely follow the rules under : How To Join The ULGG Ingame Guild and the ULGG Alliance and we will contact you by a private message or email with specific information about how we are organized.

We thank you for stopping by and we will enjoy learning and sharing, and most of all gaming with you.


The ULGG has been honored by Arena.Net as Guild Of The Week # 12.

Amongst all ULGG Alliances, we now have seven guilds who have been selected for this honor :

The ULGG Alliance has at least 30 named NPC's in the game which honors many of the members of various guilds who tested various chapters. Several members have been honored more than once for their testing service.

We are each most humbled and grateful for this recognition, and we salute each of our fine members, as you are the ones who have made us what we are today.

Role playing

In ULGG forums, note that you will find a dedicated Role Playing Section with very fine roleplaying done by many people of our alliance, some are even running up to 4 characters at once ! ;-)

Lemon tarts and other pies...

Pie Induced Ecstasy.jpg Mmm pies and lemon tarts ! :D

We do have an old tradition about making delicious lemon tarts prepared mainly by our fine guild lady, Lady Kingel.

Note also Anet's wink about the famous PIE people with one of the latest update here.

ULGG staff : leaders, officers and members

Guild Lady

Lady Kingel / Victorias Secrets - NPC after her : Pehni Rahnad

Ingame leaders in rotation

  • Garion Of Ascalon
  • Tauredhiel Alandor
  • Jules Of The Light

High Knights and officers (not exhaustive list)

  • Tarah Wind
  • Green Opiate
  • Madame Xyrcies
  • Dragonx The Healer - NPC named after him Dehvit Notigunahm
  • Marvin
  • Zaklex Gldineys
  • Luna Crrist
  • Conigly Arrow
  • Elorana Sabredrake
  • Sir B
  • Zerek Flyte
  • Methalon Mega
  • Mhael Al Thor
  • Nemesis Blix
  • Pathegon
  • Gray Fury
  • Madrak Aetrus
  • Twilight Goddess
  • Glenn Gladewarden
  • Nathardia Amin
  • Maya Alicia
  • Le Outcast
  • more to be added...

Contact information

Website :

Forums :

ULGG Kurzick Alliance

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Leader Gwonline Guild
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