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Who I am[edit]

In the real world i am a father of 3 and having a blast playing around

Game world GWO Officer and "The Old Guy" i have played lots of games through the years. currently i have still working

  • 1 Radio Shack color computer with game carts.
  • 2 NES with some of the Classic games Mario Bros. Duck Hunt etc. All of my kids play and have become good at the games. i still play games like Zelda and Links.
  • 3 Nintendo 64 and DK64 a must have for classic gamers.
  • 4 PS 1 titles lots and lots all the kids love my game collections. (its a large box of games)
  • 5 PS 2 FF10 is a must play for all RPG gamers it set in my opinion the console standard for all RPG from then till now.
  • 6 Computer games by the box full current favorites.

Guild Wars all titles. X2 The Threat. Starcraft. Warcraft. Roller coaster Tycoon. Homeworld all 3 chapters. Mechwarrior 2, 3, 4 Red Alert the list goes on and on and on.

So if we meet in game lets have fun it is the only reason we are all here.

Quote Sacred cows make the best BBQ


Grond The Meateater Komoto Rockweaver Dad In Battle Father Of Blades The Old Gray Wolf New Toons


GWOnline Guild

  • Congratulations to GWO for Guild of the Week October 2 2007


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