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wow - a GWO Guild member - nice to meet you Hello :) --Gret 19:20, 13 July 2007 (UTC)

other stuff[edit]

thanks to Devi59 for letting me steal his template. and he has a nice page also.. i so want to understand how you got the pages to work that way. would clean up my page a lot.

some links to color helps found this week


To do list[edit]

work on a complet rebuild of my page move to a tab format for toons section this should make look shorter find a method to include a "return to the top of the page function" much like a hyper link. add new toons and update all the other toons.

need to explore building a table that i can update in one place that would update each toon page aka update one auto update the rest. works well on my xml pages at work not sure if wiki is linked the same way. i suspect that wiki will only link the data not fill it in.

need to remember to thank poke for his help along the way as he has offered to help this old man on his pages.

pages i am building for the my new homepage User:Rockweaver/Grond The Meateater (done) User:Rockweaver/Komoto Rockweaver (done) User:Rockweaver/Dad In Battle(done) User:Rockweaver/Father Of Blades(done) User:Rockweaver/Grond The Rit (done) User:Rockweaver/The Old Gray Wolf (done) User:Rockweaver/Othertoons(done)

color values to test

#33ddff(lt blue), #44bbff(2nd lt blue), #dd77ff(lt purp), 
#ff8899(lt red/orange), #ffdd99(soft yellow), #33dd00(neonGreen), 
  • -*-*-*-*-*-

Guild members with pages that want to add to guild page. need rules and format. have asked polk for data. Rockweaver 23:16, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

need to update grond has almost finished GWEN also need to look for new title tracks.

Guild page updates[edit]

have added sections for members with profiles on the Wkik added section for all other members as of the roster update 9-7-7

will continue to update as needed.Rockweaver 15:06, 9 September 2007 (UTC)

How to use the delete tag[edit]

Hi, I noticed you used the delete tag in the wrong place :) If you want to delete an image, you click on the image itself, which will bring you to the image page, for example "Image:User Rockweaver8.jpg". You edit and put the delete tag on that page ;) -- User Sig.png 06:02, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

New NPC for Guild Hall and or Towns[edit]

to assist members with the Sweet tooth title my idea is to create a Drink Vendor / Crafter this NPC would take cash and items to craft drinks cost for guild hall 75 to 100 plat.

example All drinks would require the following items and be worth 3 points each

  • Gold 200
  • Icy Loadstones 3


    • Sentient Flavored
  Sentient Vine 1 each 
  Sentient Seed 1 each
  boost primary class skill by 1 attribute point not stacking
    • Enchanted Flavor
  Enchanted Lodestone 1 each
  Enchanted Vine 1 each
  Boost Enchantments 1 point not stacking
    • Frigid Flavor
  Frozen Remnant 1 each 
  Icy Hump 1 each
  reduce cold dmg 1 point not stacking
    • Golden Flavor
  Encrusted Lodestone 1 each
  Molten Heart 1 each 
  Reduce dmg from Fire 1 point none stacking

the result should be a steady gold sink for title chasers and boost the economy of the game some by giving value to items that currently have no real ingame value. it will also provide a new item for players to trade in town and help complete titles for the very large game community.

Hey Rockweaver :)[edit]

hey, its me Uni...Thanks again for helping me on the PHX wiki site, I was just passing by to say Hi and see what you did on your wiki^^ I can see you know alot about wiki formatting :o--Calerouxz 02:58, 24 July 2009 (UTC)