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Guild:Existence Clan

I usually go by Hawk on forums and such, but it was taken when I signed up here, so I used my warriors name. I only have been going Hawk for the past year, so all my characters made before then don't have Hawk in them... and yeah. :P

-Currently Working on Hero for Bambi.

Ingame characters:

  • Be Healed Mine Ally -Monk
  • Colonel Hawk -Warrior
  • Not Shock Axe -Warrior (PvP)
  • Eat Shoots N Leaves -Ranger
  • Hawks Dervish
  • Hawks Paragon
  • General Elliot -Elementalist
  • Strike Falcon -Assassin
  • Yancey Slide -Necromancer

I got guild wars for Christmas in 2005. I was originally in Guild:Existence Clan for Star Wars BattleFront (1), but everyone was so excited for Guild Wars, so I decided I'd get it too. I've been in eX pretty much for my entire Guild Wars career (aside from a couple ventures for heavy PvP guilds). I was made leader around Wintersday last year. I gave it away to Kur, and took about 4 months break. In that time the guild basically dissolved. Now I'm in charge again and I'm going to save it! HELP THE EFFORT! ~ Will add actual stuff about ME later ~

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