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So Who is Crazy Anyway ?[edit]

Crazy is an Officer in the Aus/NZ Guild Morporkian Mercenaries.

I Dont really know what im doing, this will hopefully get better as time goes on.


Assassin.png Crazy The Assassin: Achieved Survivor Rank 1 (Canthan)[Created September 2007]

Necromancer.png Crazy The Elite: Completed Prophecies and Factions, 15k Kurzick (Tyrian) [Created October 2005]

Warrior.png Crazy The Insane: W/Mo's Forever, Completed Eye of the North, 15k Monument (Tyrian) [Created August 2005]

Dervish.png Crazy The Lunatic: Completed Eye of the North, 15k Asuran (Elonian) [Created February 2007]

Monk.png Crazy The Monk: Completed Factions (Canthan) [Created May 2006]

Paragon.png Crazy The Paragon: Completed Nightfall (Elonian) [Created January 2007]

Ranger.png Crazy The Ranger: Achieved Nothing (Canthan) [Created October 2006]

Elementalist.png Crazy The Unstable: Completed Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North, 15k Ancient (Tyrian) [Created August 2005]

Mesmer.png Crazy The Mesmer II: Still Trying to Achieve (Tyrian) [Created January 2008]

Ritualist.png Crazy The Ritualist: ^ Reference Above (Canthan) [Created February 2008]