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Morporkian Mercenaries MM
Guild Morporkian Mercenaries cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Baggy
Faction Kurzic
Type PvE
No. of members 50+
Guild Hall yep
VoIP Vent
Forums [1]

Morporkian Mercenaries

Hi and Welcome to MM.

MM started as a guild in early Beta days, and grew into a large thriving guild.

MM are Based in the south pacific region, mainly Australia and New Zealand. However we also have many members from other countries which makes for a fun guild to be part of.

Services for members include a Vent server, and forum, provided by Delta

We mainly get into PvE play and dabble in PvP, We are enjoying hard mode activities a lot these days. Our main focus is on the hall of monuments achievements leading into GW2's arrival. For example recently DOA has been a bit of a focus for us to get the ever loving ambrace but we are all doing many varied things.

We have active involvement in other games and social media and members are welcome to join us in these activities.

Thanks for checking us out, hope to see your application on our forum or in game.



We are currently recruiting mature players and any new members are more than welcome. Feel free to contact one of our officers to join our great clan.



  • Romeo Black
  • Stadium Arcadium
  • Wari Orag
  • Regnar Assasin
  • Crazy Swordsmash
  • meat pi
  • Kelenia Zan
  • flyfinn of Vaasa
  • Satier J

Morporkian Mercenaries Alliance
Leader Morporkian Mercenaries
Members Unknown