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Races and professions[edit]

each race should have a race-specific profession, they should either be kept out of any pvp besides world pvp, or only be useable in a group without any of the other race-specific professions. they should be more complicated to play and kept underpowered.

Shaman - charr only profession.

  • asura - alchemist
  • norn - paragon
  • sylvari - ritualist
  • humans - assassin

Warden as a playable race in whatever expansion.


  1. Weapons and Armors put into the HoM should be usable in gw2 but not viable over level 20 so they wouldn't give any advantage.
  2. Minipets are stupid, ppl who put them in the HoM shouldn't get anything.
  3. Titles, "Incorrigible Ale-Hound" should reduce the prize of ale by 10/25% or something.

Skill system[edit]

  1. should be much more like diablo II.
  2. keep as many core skills from gw1 as possible.

what not to have[edit]

  1. Modern Warfare; ppl with rifles against ppl with axes, but it look so cool?
  2. Dragons; anything with dragons, (dragonrider profession, dragon playable race...)