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About Me[edit]


  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Girlfriend: ArcticWind


Text here![edit]

My Characters[edit]

Elementalist 40.png Da Mad Moo
Warrior 40.png Sir Damadmoo
Monk 40.png Mablung Pallanen
Necromancer 40.png Teded Blackwarp
Mesmer 40.png Aphrodite Harmonia
Mesmer 40.png Dominatrix Vera (Perma-Pre)
Monk 40.png Shall I Heal Or Not (PvP)

Ritualist 40.png Sibylla Silvertear
Dervish 40.png Angelica Constantia
Paragon 40.png Iris Silvergarden
Ranger 40.png Sylvia Of The Winds
Assassin 40.png Spyridoula Shadow

Ranger 40.png Youll Be My Target (PvP)

Wiki Friends[edit]

My Girlfriend

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Me Myself, and I[edit]


Thanks to PogS for the lovely profession icons!
Thanks to My Girlfriend for the userpage design!