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This is the beginnings of a proposed Style Guide for the Guild Wars Official Wiki.

What a Style Guide IS:[edit]

  • A collection of guidelines used to standardize the way writers say things.
  • A way to add consistency to writing to improve readability and ease of communication.
  • A resource for writers and editors to reference so they don't have to spend time researching the correct term.

What a Style Guide IS NOT:[edit]

  • An attempt to squash creativity.
  • An attempt at telling a writer what to say.
  • A way to make writers feel guilty about not following it to the letter.

Why we should use a Style Guide[edit]

  • It allows writers and editors to quickly find the rules and terms they need to do their jobs.
  • It improves readability for and communication of information to readers.
  • It builds a sense that all writers and editors are working to create a cohesive project.


Issue Guideline
a vs. an Per Microsoft Style for Technical Publications (MSTP). Use the article, a or an, that applies to the sound of the first letter of the word that follows the article.
  • Incorrect: To select an .com file…/To select a .exe file…
  • Correct: To select a .com file…/To select an .exe file…
it’s Gregg’s Grammar Guide. Do not use it’s to indicate possession…
  • Incorrect: To select it’s name, click…
  • Correct: To select its name, click…
cited references Strunk and White. Do not write a statement of fact without citing an authoritative source.
  • Incorrect: Grape juice gives you strength…
  • Correct: According to a March, 1996 study in the Journal of Medicine, grape juice was found to increase muscle stamina…
features Per Garbl’s Style Guide. Present in bulleted lists or tables to provide whitespace, clarity and brevity.
dates Per Chicago. Names of months can be spelled-out or abbreviated.
acronyms and initialisms Per MSTP. Introduce acronym/initialism on first instance by either putting the acronym/initialism or the full phrase in parenthesis.
  • Incorrect: My Necro runs SS in FoW.
  • Correct: My Necro runs SS (Spiteful Spirit) in FoW (Fissure of Woe).
PC Do not use. Use computer.
  • Incorrect:
  • Correct:
serial comma Per Chicago. Always use a comma before the conjunction in a series of 3 or more items.
  • Incorrect: The main Quest arcs in GW:EN are the Norn, the Charr and the Asura.
  • Correct: The main Quest arcs in GW:EN are the Norn, the Charr, and the Asura.
ellipses at the end of a clause Use the “…” and the punctuation as normal (…! / …, / ….).
  • Incorrect: So, we brought a Warrior with Frenzy...It wasn’t great.
  • Correct: So, we brought a Warrior with Frenzy…. It wasn’t great.
leaving out text in a quote Per older MLA. Use [. . .] to differentiate from the … used to indicate a pause.
  • Incorrect: “So, we brought a Wammo…It wasn’t great.”.
  • Correct: “So, we brought a Wammo [. . .] It wasn’t great.”.
quote marks Use double quotes for a quote and single quotes for a quote within a quote.
  • Incorrect: The Quest dialogue reads: ‘blah blah blah.’
  • Correct: The Quest dialogue reads: “blah blah blah.”.
Punctuation after quotes Place only text being quoted within the quote marks. Always end the sentence with punctuation not in quote marks. This makes totally clear who said what in a quote.
  • Incorrect: Then he says “Die.”
  • Correct: Then he says “Die!”.
spaces Include only one space after periods, colons, semi-colons, commas, exclamation marks, and quote marks. All modern non-monospace fonts automatically adjust the spacing to the correct width.
Keyboard shortcuts Per Microsoft Help. Two or more keys simultaneously, list with a “+” sign between the keys. Keys pressed in succession, separate with a comma.
  • Incorrect: To call a target, press the control key and space bar
  • Correct: To call a target, press CTRL+SPACEBAR.
Keyboard references Per Microsoft Help. Always caps.
  • Incorrect: ctrl, alt, x, spacebar
  • Correct: CTRL, ALT, X, SPACEBAR


Guild Wars Two words, both capitalized.
  • Incorrect: I love GuildWars.
  • Correct: I love Guild Wars.
ArenaNet One word, capitalize the first A and the second N. Do not abbreviate.
  • Incorrect: Arenanet developed Guild Wars.
  • Correct: ArenaNet developed Guild Wars.
NCsoft corporation Note corporation included. Capitalize the N and the C in NCsoft.
  • Incorrect: NC soft publishes Guild Wars.
  • Correct: NCsoft corporation publishes Guild Wars.
Campaign Always ini-caps.
Expansion Always ini-caps. Use only for Eye of the North.
Guild Wars Prophecies Always ini-caps. Abbreviated Prophecies.
Guild Wars Factions Always ini-caps. Abbreviated Factions.
Guild Wars Nightfall Always ini-caps. Abbreviated Nightfall or NF.
Guild Wars Eye of the North Always ini-caps. Abbreviated GW:EN.
Fansite One word. Always ini-caps.
Fansite status Per fansite kit. Ini-caps. Elite, Official, Listed, Specialty.
gameplay One word.
in-game Adjective. Describes a noun specific to the game.
  • Incorrect: I like the in game materials storage.
  • Correct: I like the in-game materials storage.
Template vs.Build Use Build when talking about a skill set. Use Template when talking about in-game Template management or the Template file on the computer.
  • Incorrect: Find your Build file on your computer.
  • Correct: Find your Template file on your computer.
  • Incorrect: Spiteful Spirit works well in the following Template.
  • Correct: Spiteful Spirit works well in the following Build.
PC, NPC Always all caps. See acronyms and initialisms.
  • Incorrect: Pc, Npc.
  • Correct: PC, NPC.
Player versus Player, Player versus Environment Always cap Player and Environment. Abbreviated PvP and PvE.
Guild Ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: I belong to a guild.
  • Correct: I belong to a Guild.
Alliance Always ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: This is a Luxon alliance.
  • Correct: This is a Luxon Alliance.


armor rating Never armor level or armor class.
damage types Per skill descriptions.
  • Incorrect: This wand does Fire damage.
  • Correct: This wand does fire damage.
conditions Per skill descriptions. Ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: Mark of Rodgort causes burning.
  • Correct: Mark of Rodgort causes Burning.
minions Per in-game UI. Use only for Necromancer "Animate" Spells.
attribute names Perattribute descriptions. Always ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: This Build needs high ranks in soul reaping.
  • Correct: This Build needs high ranks in Soul Reaping.
Energy Always ini-caps.
Adrenaline Always ini-caps. Never Adrenalin.
cast time Lower case.
recharge Lower case.
Energy pip Pip is not ini-caps.
Health Always ini-caps.
skill type capitalization Per skill descriptions. Skill types are always capitalized (Hex, Spell, Enchantment, etc.).
  • Incorrect: Spell Breaker is an enchantment that blocks spells.
  • Correct: Spell Breaker is an Enchantment that blocks Spells.
skill Capitalize only when referencing a skill type.
  • Incorrect: Critical Eye cannot be removed because it is a skill.
  • Correct: Critical Eye cannot be removed because it is a Skill.
resurrect . Never rez.
  • Incorrect: I was taking a dirt nap while waiting for a rez.
  • Correct: I was taking a dirt nap while waiting to be resurrected.
favor of the gods. Per in-game. Lower case. Abbreviated favor.
Area of Effect. Per skill descriptions. Lower case.
  • Incorrect: The areas of effect in Guild Wars are Adjacent, Nearby, In the Area, and Earshot
  • Correct: The areas of effect in Guild Wars are adjacent, nearby, in the area, and earshot


skill names Per skill descriptions. Always ini-caps.
Signet of Capture Always ini-caps. Never cap sig.
Profession names Always ini-caps. Never abbreviate them.
  • Incorrect: The Guild Wars Professions are assassin, dervish, elementalist, mesmer, monk, paragon, ranger, ritualist, warrior.
  • Correct: The Guild Wars Professions are Assassin, Dervish, Elementalist, Mesmer, Monk, Paragon, Ranger, Ritualist, Warrior.
Profession Always ini-caps. Never class.
  • Incorrect: Guild Wars has six core professions.
  • Correct: Guild Wars has six core Professions.


race / culture Always ini-caps. Elonian, Kournan, Kurzick, Dwarf, Tengu, Human, Undead, Asura, Luxon, Vabbian, Canthan,
Charr Singular and Plural: Charr
Asura Singular and Plural: Asura
Norn Singular and Plural: Norn
Sylvari Singular and Plural: Sylvari
Animal Companion Always ini-caps.
NPC names Cap as done in game. For venders, not required to list the text in the brackets.
  • Incorrect: Xunlai agent [Storage].
  • Correct: Xunlai Agent.
mob names Always except for named mobs (i.e. Shiro; Moltov Rocktail)
mob Always lower case.
Henchmen Ini-caps.
Hero Ini-caps.
insignia slot


Platinum Abbreviated Plat
  • Incorrect: I need more plat for the armor.
  • Correct: I need more Plat for the armor.
Gold Always ini-caps to differentiate from gold drops.
  • Incorrect:
  • Correct:
faction Lowercase to differentiate from Factions.
  • Incorrect: I just farmed Luxon Faction.
  • Correct: I just farmed Luxon faction.
loot Always lower case.
drop Never use as a noun. Use item, weapon, off-hand item, unique item, etc.
unique item Lowercase. Also called green item.
armor names Always ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: Hagen can craft elite fur-lined armor.
  • Correct: Hagen can craft Elite Fur-Lined armor.
Insignia Always ini-caps.
upgrade component Never mod.
upgrade component names Always ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: Daggers can be upgraded with one dagger tang.
  • Correct: Daggers can be upgraded with one Dagger Tang.
miniature Per Devotion shrine in the Hall of Monuments.
Rune Always ini-caps.
Inscriptions Always ini-caps.
weapon names Always ini-caps.
  • Incorrect: Warriors can use axes, hammers, and swords.
  • Correct: Warriors can use Axes, Hammers, and Swords.
Ascended armor Ini-caps on Ascended.
Consumable item
Elite armor


Continent Ini-caps.
Zones All zone names are ini-caps per in-game. Never use abbreviations (ToA, DoA, FoW, UW, etc.)
  • Incorrect: My favorite zone is lakeside country.
  • Correct: My favorite zone is Lakeside Country.
zone type If a zone has multiple types, list the zone type in lower case in parenthesis ().
  • Incorrect: My favorite zone is Sunjiang District.
  • Correct: My favorite zone is Sunjiang District (exporable).
Quest Per in-game UI. Always ini-caps.
Mission Per in-game UI. Always ini-caps.
Mission ranks Mission completion, Expert level, Master level.
Mission rewards Standard level, Expert level, Master level.


User Interface components All except for:
Weapon Sets
Performance Monitor
Danger Zone Ini-caps. Commonly “aggro bubble” or “agro circle”.
Mission Map Ini-cap per in-game UI.
Vault Box Ini-caps per in-game UI.


AE Always caps, no periods. Also called the Mouvelian Calendar.
Bounty Ini-caps.
Points Ini-caps. Includes Sunspear Promotion Point, Lightbringer Point, Dwarven Point
Lightbringer Point
character Lowercase.
Fame Ini-caps.
PvP-only character
rolplaying character Lowercase. Not PvE character, since the character can also play PvP.