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<font=Palatino Linotype>ign:Laharl the Angel User:Єяøהħ/Seeping Wound

Єяøהħ's Sandbox

{Zealous|Sundering} Daggers of {Defense|Dagger Mastery|Fortitude} ("{Strength and Honor|Too Much Information|I have the Power!}")

Do want: 40 Leather Squares 400 Scales 50k 5 white dye

Game_updates user:Єяøהħ/Laharl the Angel


  • These are the armors I've yet to get and dye white. I plan on owning at least 2 more than I currently own. Current plans are to own 2 of the following 4: Norn, Ancient, Elite Canthan, Elite Luxon
Assassin Norn armor m.jpg Assassin Asuran armor m.jpg Assassin Ancient armor m.jpg Assassin Obsidian armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Exotic armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Imperial armor m.jpg Assassin Vabbian armor m.jpg
Norn Asuran Ancient Obsidian Elite Exotic Elite Imperial Vabbian
Assassin Elite Canthan armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Luxon armor m.jpg Assassin Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg
Elite Canthan Elite Luxon Elite Kurzick
Assassin Deldrimor armor m.jpg Assassin Spiked Guise m.jpg Assassin Bladed Gloves m.jpg Assassin Oni Leggings m.jpg Assassin Winged Shoes m.jpg
Deldrimor armor Spiked Guise Bladed Gloves Oni Leggings Winged Shoes

A section![edit]



a d e me mo n p r rt w
Tango-profession-icon-assassin.png Tango-dervish-icon-small.png Tango-elementalist-icon-small.png Tango-mesmer-icon-small.png Tango-monk-icon-small.png Tango-necromancer-icon-small.png Tango-paragon-icon-small-v1.png Tango-ranger-icon-small.png Tango-ritualist-icon-small-v1.png Tango-warrior-icon-small.png
Assassin-icon-small.png Dervish-icon-small.png Elementalist-icon-small.png Mesmer-icon-small.png Monk-icon-small.png Necromancer-icon-small.png Paragon-icon-small.png Ranger-icon-small.png Ritualist-icon-small.png Warrior-icon-small.png
Assassin 20.png Dervish 20.png Elementalist 20.png Mesmer 20.png Monk 20.png Necromancer 20.png Paragon 20.png Ranger 20.png Ritualist 20.png Warrior 20.png
Assassin-faded-large.png Dervish-faded-large.png Elementalist-faded-large.png Mesmer-faded-large.png Monk-faded-large.png Necromancer-faded-large.png Paragon-faded-large.png Ranger-faded-large.png Ritualist-faded-large.png Warrior-faded-large.png

Fox's Promise.jpg
Fox's Promise
Sneak Attack.jpg
Sneak Attack
Golden Fang Strike.jpg
Golden Fang Strike
Critical Strike.jpg
Critical Strike
Holy Veil.jpg
Holy Veil

Made of Monster-tango-icon-20.png and Tango-assassin-icon-small-v1.png.