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Skills I'd like to see implemented[edit]


  • Throat Punch. 1/2s Activation. Melee attack. Target foe is interrupted. If that foe was casting a spell or chant, that foe takes x..x..x dmg.
  • Tackle. Touch skill. Target touched foe is knocked down. If that foe was stationary, that foe is knocked down for 4 seconds. Req5+ strength.
  • Twisting Thrust. Sword attack. Deals +x..x...x damage. If target foe is bleeding, that foe suffers weakness for x..x..x seconds.
  • Bloodlust Roar. Shout. You attack and move 25% faster for x..x..x seconds for each foe in earshot.
  • Falcon Punch. 1/2s Activation. Melee attack. Target foe shadow steps 100' away from you and takes 5000 fire damage.(I would like to point out that this was posted before Courier Falken was implemented, making me a genius)
  • Vertical Slash. Sword Attack. 8 Adrenaline. Deals +1..32..40 damage. If this attack is blocked, target foe takes x..x..x slashing damage and you gain 4 adrenaline.
  • Destroying Slash. Sword Attack. 10 Adrenaline. Deals +5..41..50 damage. Deals +5..41..50 damage if target foe has Deep Wound. Lose all adrenaline, this skill is disabled for 8 seconds.


  • Pilgrimage. Spell. You and target touched other ally are healed for x..x...x. Divine Favor is doubled for this skill.
  • Wanderer's Stride. Stance. For x..x..x seconds, you move 25% faster and gain x..x..x armor against elemental damage. When this stance ends, you gain x..x..x health for each second it was active.
  • Ascetic's Boon. Enchantment Spell. For x..x..x seconds, whenever you cast a monk prayer that targets another ally, you are healed for the amount of Divine Favor.
  • Balthazar's Shield. For x..x..x seconds, the next attack against target ally is blocked, and all foes adjacent to that ally take x..x..x holy damage.
  • Wanderer's Guidance. Target ally shadow steps to your location. For 10 seconds, that ally can't move and can't draw even more aggro than he already, stupidly, has.
  • Purpose. Stance. 5 Energy, 10s Recharge. For 0..10..10 seconds, you move 18% faster.


  • Sinister Gaze. Spell. Target foe takes x..x..x shadow damage. If that foe was activating a spell or chant, that foe takes an additional x..x..x shadow damage and suffers from weakness.
  • Well of Despair. Spell. All foes within Well of Despair suffer -2 energy degen, and receive 20% less benefit from healing.
  • Well of Decay. Spell. All foes within Well of Decay suffer -4 health degen. Animated undead take x damage each second they are in the well.
  • Curse of Loneliness. Spell. Exploit target corpse. Go to jail.


  • Grandiloquence. Enchantment Spell. The next shout made by target other ally lasts twice as long and costs 5 less energy (minimum 5).
  • Perfection. Enchantment Spell. The next attack skill made by target other ally cannot be blocked and costs 3 less energy.
  • Siren Song. Enchantment Spell. For x seconds, you have a 75% chance to block melee attacks. Whenever you block an attack in this way, you gain 1 energy and x health.
  • Mantra of Annoyance. Stance. 5 minute duration. Shadow step to one random foe within the area. You and that foe are knocked down. If you are in the area of an ally, you shadow step to a random ally in the area. You and that ally are knocked down. If you are in the area of a foe, you shadow step to a random foe in the area. You and that foe are knocked down. If you are in the area of an ally, you shadow step to a random ally in the area. You and that ally are knocked down. If you are in the area of a foe, you shadow step to a random foe in the area. You and that foe are knocked down. If you are in the area of an ally, you shadow step to a random ally in the area. You and that ally are knocked down. If you are in the area of a foe, you shadow step to a random foe in the area. You and that foe are knocked down. If you are in the area of an ally, you shadow step to a random ally in the area. You and that ally are knocked down. If you are in the area of a foe, you shadow step to a random foe in the area. You and that foe are knocked down. If you are in the area of an ally, you shadow step to a random ally in the area. You and that ally are knocked down. If you are in the area of a foe, you shadow step to a random foe in the area. You and that foe are knocked down. When this stance finally ends, all foes and allies in the area are knocked down for 4 seconds and gain 600 health.


  • Hurricane. Create a Hurricane at target foe's location. For 10 seconds, all foes in the area take x..x..x cold damage. If a foe was casting when struck by Hurricane, that foe is knocked down.
  • Twisting Winds. Enchantment. For x seconds, the next projectile spell used against you deals no damage, and all adjacent foes are struck for x cold damage.
  • Static Touch. Spell. Target touched foe takes 1 lightning damage.


  • Assassin's Shot. If target foe is under the effects of a hex, this attack does +x..x..x damage and can't be blocked.
  • Bloodstone Arrows. Preparation. Your bow attack skills deal +x..x..x damage to foes below 50% health.
  • Violent Nature. Nature Ritual. For x seconds, all Nature Rituals within range stop being lazy and can now attack. These spirits deal x..x..x damage with their attacks.


  • Quick Strike. Lead attack. 1/2s activation. This attack can't be blocked, but only deals x..x..x damage.
  • Cross-Counter. Offhand Attack. 1/2s activation. Must follow a Lead Attack. If this strikes an attacking foe, this attack deals an extra x..x..x damage that foe is interrupted.
  • Swirling Steel. Dual Attack. Must follow an Offhand Attack. Attacks all adjacent foes. If more than one foe was struck, all adjacent foes are struck for x..x..x slashing damage.
  • Gonad Strike. Skill. Must follow a Dual Attack. Target foe is knocked down for 10 seconds and suffers from Weakness for 24 hours.


  • Spirit Shield. Enchantment. You gain 24 armor. If any spirits are in earshot, you have a 50% chance to block attacks.
  • Ether Weapon. For x seconds, whenever target other ally hits a foe who is casting a spell, that ally steals x energy from that ally.
  • Crispy was Alathea. Hold Alathea's Ashes for x seconds. While you hold her ashes, nothing happens. When you drop her ashes, nothing happens.


  • Song of Solace. All party members in earshot gain +x health regeneration for each condition they are suffering.
  • Commanding Presence. Stance. Whenever you use a Shout or Chant, all affected party members gain x..x..x health. When this stance ends, your non-attack skills are disabled for 3 seconds.
  • "I am the Law!" Shout. For 1 hour and 40 minutes, you are the law.


  • Blunt Force Winds. Enchantment. All adjacent foes take x..x..x cold damage. When this enchantment ends, all adjacent attacking foes are knocked down.
  • Crystal Aura. Enchantment. For x seconds, whenever a foe strikes you in melee, that foe takes x cold damage and begins bleeding for x seconds. When this enchantment ends, all adjacent foes take x piercing damage.
  • Avatar of Menzies. For x seconds, you take on the Form of Menzies. While in this form, no one really understands who you are or what you're doing.

Hey, look here![edit]


General Information About Me and My Guild Wars Experience, As Indicated By This Quite Long Header[edit]

Flesh And Faith is a Monk, the first permanent Character I made. It is worth noting that I first had a Necromancer named Second Law. If you hadn't figured out by now, my other Usernames include Secondlaw. I carried it over from Diablo 2.

My name is Derek, I am from Dallas, Texas, but I am currently studying in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, because I hated not being able to spell my town name.

My characters(In order of conception) And Some Stuff About Them[edit]

Flesh And Faith - Mo

  • The name comes from Halo2. I didn't actually like Halo2 all that much, but the phrase came to me, and seemed appropriate.
  • Since he was one of my first, I made him thinking he could be just as mean as a warrior primary. He used a sword and smiting prayers (with a few heals) until the Crystal Desert.
  • I have since made several builds for him to return to being a Mo/W, with a sword and everything.
  • He has a mixture of armors including Elite Judge's Pants, Dragon arm and foot tats, and Tyrian top. (like a black Mhenlo)
  • He has a set of Elite Sunspear armor. Unfortunately, complete sets of monk armors look bad...
  • He is a legacy character for a female Norn Guardian. In my story, he founds a temple in Kryta that doubles as an orphanage after the war. Here he finds a small Norn child, abandoned because of her small size. She grows up to be a gentle monk and travels the world like Flesh. She eventually returns to the North to bring the ideals of Flesh's temple to those interested. Eventually another young Norn girl takes the name "Flesh and Faith" and becomes a guardian in the name of Dwayna.

Old Tancred - W

  • Tancred is named after a dude who was big in the crusades. However... Yes, there was a set in Diablo 2 with the same name.
  • He has more necromancer skills than my necromancer(not really, but close). I made him to be survivable like a Wammo, but wanted to keep his damage up, so I used Lifestealing.
  • He wears a Norn Strength set, and an Ancient Tactics set for armor.
  • He was the first character to get a Green item (The Bludgeoner)
  • He is a legacy character for a Charr Warrior. Old Tancred would die years after the events of Winds of Change, returning to fight with Pyre Fierceshot against the Flame Legion. He would be captured and used as bait to lure in his party. Instead of accepting his fate, he lashed out at his captors tooth and nail, eventually bleeding out. His actions were recorded but details of his race were lost in many stories, so humans assumed he was human and Charr assumed he was Charr. Tancred Spitfire, warrior of Iron Legion would inherit his name.

H E X Prophet - R

  • My first Diablo 2 clan was called HEX. Figure Go.
  • She was the only class not deleted and remade.
  • She wears Norn armor, and has too many bows for me to keep up with. I have since gotten even more bows for her.
  • She also has a set of Monument Armor.
  • I'm planning on getting Vabbian armor for her, once I stop being lazy.
  • Not planning on her being a legacy character, since I am not a huge fan of her name or rangers (in GW2, at the moment). I will eventually make a ranger, to be sure, but probably it will be an Asuran, not at all related to Hex.

Second Law - Rt

  • My old name. Comes from Deuteronomy. Look it up. The Old Testament was harsh and awesome, not like its hippy younger brother.
  • She wears Elite Luxon Armor (bikinis are hawt) and has Imperial armor modded for certain builds (the full armor is hawt too, but how?)
  • She is my main farmer for greens and Nicholas items.
  • Her armor is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Right now it's black, but I mix hers up a lot, it takes dye very well. And every BCAM it turns pink again.
  • She has made me richer than all my other characters combined.
  • Again, not planning on her being a legacy character. Or, if I did, she would influence the Sylvari mesmer I am making based on my mesmer. Not sure how yet, but she may have this name and Dream's power (and red fan, if its a skin in GW2).

Lilith Azurestone - E

  • Lilith from Lilitu, the first wife of Adam. Azurestone cause it sounds cool.
  • She wears a combination of Deldrimor gloves, boots and leggings, and a sunspear bikini top (bikinis man).
  • She has a set of Monument Armor just so she can have a displayed set. I hate how much it clips, just with her body.
  • She almost NEVER runs a single element build. The few exceptions are mostly for farming. Prismatic sets are sexy.
  • Her armor is also pink.
  • She is a legacy character for my human Elementalist, Zuri Azurestone. Lilith was born into a moderately wealthy family in Cantha, and after the plague of afflicted killed her family save for herself and her younger brother, she took him and their money to Lion's Arch. When they arrived, they established a small school for the arcane arts and mercantile studies (her and her brother's area of expertise, respectively). Lilith would never have children, but her brother had many, and eventually Zuri would be born into a noble family in Divinity's Reach. The Azurestone school would be destroyed by flooding, but the house would live a a respected philanthropic name in Kryta.

Dream No Evil - Me

  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. Mesmers are kind of like that, I think.
  • She uses Kurzick regular armor (leather and fur. Sexier than bikinis) and Elite Canthan armor (At least the skirt is shorter than a Paragon's)
  • She is my only character to have a HoM gold weapon (Destroyer Scepter).
  • Her main weapon is a caster Collosal Scimitar and Forgotten Fan, which I like to think has her trademark.
  • She is a legacy character for my Sylvari mesmer (who I might name Second Law, I just have to figure out the story). She has dreams of a Red Fan, and eventually finds one in her travels. The memories of Dream No Evil are all over the fan, in and out, so she uses it to learn if she can relive Dream's life.

Jing Jack - N

  • Actually, Jing Jack is a Core monster from Magi Nation. He looks really cool and rather sinister, since he is essentially a Jack in the Box. Evil Clown in a box.
  • He wore regular Luxon armor for the LONGEST time. He now wears Asuran armor (cause the two are sooo different).
  • He has a Dread Mask that looks sweet with his armor, all white-silver.
  • He is a legacy character for my Asuran Necromancer, of the same name. Jing Jack is not a name, it is a power. It creeps into the minds and hearts of those who seek power but lack the discipline or talent to acquire it through years of study. It adds its power to the host, but slowly drains them of life and sanity until it finds a new host years later. Jing Jack, the Canthan Necromancer, started out brimming with the powers of death, but ended his own life when he was convinced that grass hated and mocked him, and that to show them, he'd become death itself. When he died, his body decayed to nothing almost instantly, and all that was left was metal signet ring that indicated he had once been a student at Shing Jea monastery.

Sly Genesis - A

  • Sly, because that's what assassins are. Genesis, because it was the first factions character I made (then deleted, then remade with the same name)
  • She has Asuran armor, because it looks rather sweet. I need to re-mod it. She used to do some SF (no speed clears and no dungeon running) but now I can change it back to how I want.
  • Funny story! About 2 years ago, I was in Shing Jea Monastery with some friends for an event (Dragon Festival or Canthan New Year, not sure which), when we ran into an assassin with the same armor as me (dyed the same too) named Genesis The Sly. Great minds think alike.
  • Sometimes if I'm doing missions in early-mid areas I will just bring a basic attack chain and the rest shadow steps, then just poof around for awhile while my team fights. I will help if I get bored ;).
  • She is going to be a legacy character, once I figure out what race to make her. Also, I'm not sure if I want to keep the name the same. But I do plan on making a Thief and I do plan on having her be the legacy character. I'm thinking of doing a human for this one too, but I might also do a Charr because I am interested in seeing the personal story from an Ash Legion point of view.

Derek Michael - P

  • My first and middle names.
  • I make him fight with a sword more often than a spear, cause I need adrenaline and spears miss a lot.
  • He wears Obsidian Armor, cause anything else looks so stupid. I considered the Primeval... but meh, Obsidian is much coolah. Plus then I could say I had Obsidian Armor.
  • He is not going to directly be a legacy character, but he will have helped influence Flesh And Faith's namesake. Since Guardians came about because of Paragons and Monks "joining forces" as it were, I'm thinking one of his ancestors traveled to the North and came upon the temple Flesh founded. Here he shared and learned with the students there and spread the influence of the new Guardian order to a section of the North.

Theodoric Vom Krieg - D

  • The root name from Derek is Theodoric. Vom Krieg is my attempt to annoy German speakers. (it works)
  • He has Monument armor. I must say, it looks rather awesome with the hood.
  • I wish I could make him a legacy character, but Dervishes without the gods aren't Dervishes. I think I may make him a wanderer, to explain where my Engineer's insatiable wanderlust comes from, but I dunno. Perhaps my Engi will just be a clean slate.

Hel Grimful - pre-searing N

  • Hel = Goddess of Death in Norse Mythology (of course you already knew that, dork). Grimful? Sounds cool.
  • Nothing to say, she's going to be in Pre-Searing until she has enough goodies to transfer (and probably a 1 year BDay present).

Mhenlo Is A Pimp - PvP

  • Cause he is. Mhenlo has boinked every female NPC in Guild Wars, and will have an uncountable amount of offspring in GW2.
  • Like, seriously, look at the guy.
  • His face says, "Hi. We've never met, but I will show you the best night(s) of your life."
  • And he's rich.
  • And he's a monk. Healing hands, ladies? Healing Touch, ladies? How about some Heaven's Delight, ladies? I swing like Balthazar's Pendulum, ladies.

Some stuff about my play style:[edit]

I refuse to run gimmick builds taken from PvX wiki. I refuse to run flavor of the month builds. I refuse to conform to the builds and elites pugs and other expect me to run. My builds are creative, and while maybe not as efficient as everyone and their hero's WoH and HB builds, mine are unique to my play style. I should note that I do use great working farm builds and the like, but if I'm doing just PvE for the sake of completing a campaign, I will always use my own builds.

How about Why I Think Codex Arena Promotes Fascism[edit]

Codex Arena was created to get rid of the bullpoop in Team Arenas. Everyone ran one of three builds, and the 12 regulars there got tired of it. So they, the developers (who I will give credit to because they actually did something about it), shut it down and made Codex. The idea was, with limited skills, you could not run the same build every damn day, effectively lowering the fun factor down to 0.

The problem is, you get a different Meta every day. People tell you what build to run based on the "build of the day" mentality. It is the exact same as TA. The only difference is you have to run the flavor of the day, rather than the flavor of the month/year. You must conform to run a certain build, even if yours works better for you and your team. You are not allowed to break the meta, not if you want in a group.

I suppose you could find a guild or alliance group. That would work. Unless your alliance is PvE only, or composed of douchebags who support, blindly, the meta.

A List of Paragon Shout's You'll Never See Implemented[edit]

  • "Taste the Rainbow!" Shout. Target foe takes 15 damage for each different profession in your party.
  • "Oh Yeah!" Shout. You move 100% faster and break down walls. This skill ends when your allies' thirst is quenched.
  • "Freedom!" Shout. Sacrifice your remaining HP. All party members deal 100% more damage with attacks. This skill never ends.
  • "Get to the Choppa!" Shout. All allies within earshot get to the choppa.
  • "I Am Iron Man!" Shout. All damage you receive is reduced to zero.
  • "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Shout. 20 minute activation time. For 5 minutes, your power level is over 9000.
  • "Noooooooooo!" Shout. For 5 seconds, it seems in your anger, you killed Padme.