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New NCsoft Master Account Security Measures[edit]

NCsoft has added new security protections for all Master Account holders. The new security measures make use of security questions that you apply to your Master Account. The addition of the new feature forms part of the company’s ongoing effort to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for those who play Guild Wars or any NCsoft game. Read more about account security and the new feature below.

Step One: Unique Passwords[edit]

We've said it before, but it bears repeating: It really is important to use a unique password for your game account(s). Choose a complex password for each of your game accounts and for your NCsoft Master Account, too. This means the password should be used only for the game or NCMA, and never for accounts related to email, forums, or websites. And of course, you should never share your password or any other account-based information with anyone.

Step Two: Avoid Suspicious Websites[edit]

Sometimes you'll see a website that makes an offer that sounds great, maybe even a little too good to be true. Trust us, it very likely is too good to be true. For example, you might see, “Sign up for a Guild Wars 2 Alpha Test position here!” (You know if there’s a legitimate opportunity, we will post it on our website.) Sometimes these sites offer bots or cheats, suspicious “tools,” or details of an alleged “game exploit.” But in reality, all of these sites are designed to lure you into providing your account information so that unscrupulous individuals can steal your game account. Avoid them like the plague!

Step Three: New Security Feature[edit]

The third step is new! We enabled a new security feature that verifies that you are logging in to your NCsoft® Master Account with a computer authorized by you. If someone attempts to log into your NCsoft Master Account from a different computer, access will be blocked until that person can answer specific security questions.

Someone attempting to access from a different computer will see a message like this: “You are trying to log in for a computer that has not been approved by this account. For security purposes, please answer these security questions to verify this computer's use.” If that’s you – great! You answer the questions and you’re in. If that’s someone else – for example, a would-be account thief – that person will be unable to answer the questions and therefore will be blocked from accessing the NCMA.

For your convenience, you will be able to add additional computers to the “safe list,” if you so desire. Or you can simply answer your personal security questions and access from that computer on a one-time basis. For those computers on your "safe list," you'll be able to access by inputting your User Name, Password, and Character Name, as usual.

What do I do now?[edit]

In order to get this system in place, you need to have security questions related to your NCsoft Master Account. If you did not choose to set up security questions when you created your NCMA, we encourage you to do that now, to take advantage of this additional layer of security. Naturally, our Support Team is more than happy to help you at any time. If you have forgotten your NCMA information or need any other assistance, do feel free to contact support any time!