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I'm Gerroh. Don't know who I am? Get out from under that rock.

Know who I am? You probably got Gerrowned in AB some time.

Think I'm abrasive? Offensive? Hostile? Probably taking what I say too seriously.
The wiki(Actually, pretty much every Guild-Wars related wiki) is full of a bunch of nancy-pants who can't tell the difference between casual slander and brutal hostility. The people on here are a thousand times more sensitive than ArenaNet, and almost as pretentious as a Starbucks full of Apple wanks; it's completely absurd.


Fun Idea!(For Alliance Battles)

Enraged Smash.jpg
Enraged Smash
Hammer Bash.jpg
Hammer Bash
Crushing Blow.jpg
Crushing Blow
Bull's Strike.jpg
Bull's Strike
Wild Throw.jpg
Wild Throw

  • 12+1+2 or 12+1+3 hammar, 12+1 strength or 8+1 strength & 10 Spear Mastery or 8+1 Strength & 10+1 Tactics
  • Two warriors with above bar
  • Zealous hammar, or go /D and bring Zealous Renewal.
  • Optional skills should be either Enraging Charge & Rush or "To The Limit!" & Soldier's Speed. Whichever you prefer.(I prefer tactics)
  • Alternatively, you could go /Rt and bring Draw Spirit in place of Wild Throw if your rit is bringing destruction + rupture soul.
  • Wild Throw is to get past stances and shield bash. Especially shield bash.
  • Yes, you need two different bull's.
Weapon of Fury.jpg
Weapon of Fury
Spirit Rift.jpg
Spirit Rift
Ancestors' Rage.jpg
Ancestors' Rage
  • 12+1+2 or 12+1+3 Channeling, 12+1 Spawning Power(9+1 Spawning Power & 9 Command if using "Fall Back!")
  • First two optionals should just be some stupid spirit-fueled damage spells. Warmonger's weapon also works if you decide to bring a sword/axe warrur or assassin instead of one of the hammar guys.
  • Last optional should either be "Fall Back" or Return.
  • Second-last optional could be Destruction, if so, make one of the first two optionals be Rupture Soul.
  • How to use is pretty straight-forward. Put Weapon of Fury on warrurs, lul as nothing can stand on its feet, drop damage on KD'd targets. The warrurs won't run out of energy because Weapon of Fury is retarded.

-Insert some generic monk build here-

I got the idea when Raine and I were doing something like User:Raine_Valen/Build/Soulcrusher_(AB).
I was the rit, Raine was the hammer, we had a friend of ours play axe warrur with warmonger's on them 2/3rds of the time. People died, pretty simple.
The difference is my version of "Soulcrusher" is better. ☺