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Guild wars 2 suggestions[edit]

Guilds and Guild Halls[edit]


For guilds I reackon you should split officers into 2 groups:


Captains will have the options of inviting new members and adding Services to the Guild Hall.


Liutenants will have the option of inviting new members

Guild Halls[edit]


I know it might be weird but mabe if you can pay to place defences in Guild Halls like catapults and balistae rolling logs and boulders that act as landslides to make GvG and 1v1 etc more interesting that would be cool and funny

Another even wierder service would be a guild menagerie where the leader could store his and his heroes pets in for display - because it is in a hall charm animal would be inactivateable (is that even a word?!) this would be cool since the menagerie in this Guild Wars isnt allowed to have other players in for good reasons

.*cough* Rainbow Pheonix won't be rare anymore *cough* Pheonix-Runs *cough*

  • Items

Also mabe if, during events you could get cool holiday guild hall decor kits eg "Guild Hall Decoration Kit (Wintersday)" from collectors that would give the hall that "Wintersday Feeling" in exchange for items such as candy cane shard.

maybe if another service would be a decorator and u just give in the decoration kit to them and for a price they can unlock the decorations for that holiday maybe if you pay again you can keep it up for X amount of time - 100g per day?

new classes[edit]


Imperial Guardsmen (releases with the expansion to get to cantha)[edit]

  • 2H Weapons Mastery
  • Dual Weapons Mastery
  • Throwing Weapons Expertise
  • Celestial Favor (random thing me and Great Neji Hyuga came up with - you get skills such as wrath of the dragon or something and for elites you would gain half celestial transformations like half dragon would be you gain celestial wings and a tail and you fly like the mountain eagle does now)
  • Weapons Mastery (primary - every rank increses your chance to hit 2% more)





Chronomancer (released with possible Utopia expansion)[edit]

in the trailer - the asura was wearing a glove that i think was used in the Utopia so why not carry on with the idea

  • Space Manipulation allows to manipulate the earth air etc to damage foes - makes the ground semi-liquid that traps/slows enemies down. also gould be used to create a hurricane to throw enemies in the air then slam them against the ground to cause damage
  • Time Manipulation allows to create wards that affect time - speed of enemies/allies. maybe even makes enemies pause in time for 10 seconds as a skill?
  • Vortex Mastery allows chronomancer to move enemies and allies around - may be used for random teleportation around a certain area or maybe even to banish a foe to a seperate dimention (mists) for a short amount of time. banishing doesnt work on bosses or in PVP (pve skill) maybe causes a vortex inside a foe causing damage and the deep wound condition.
  • Vortex Summoning summons Void Beasts out of the vortexes to other dimensions
  • Time Ripping (primary - improves the durations of all chronomancer skills by 1% every 2 ranks) skills make the caster becomes a moving ward for a limited time - helping your allies at the same time as slowing enemies movement/attack/casting/recharge time.

New Weapons[edit]


Max damage: 10-38
Requires 2 hands
Attribute: 2 Handed Weapons Mastery (Imperial Guardsman)
prefix: (Barbed)(Sundering) Guandao Shaft
Suffix: Guandao Blade of (Fortitude)(Dragon Slaying)


Max Damage: 25-40
Requires 2 hands
Attribute: Marksmanship (Ranger)
Prefix:(Crippling)(Zealous)Crossbow Handle
Suffix: Crossbow String of (Fortitude)(Dragon Slaying)

Slow recharge time to balance out the huge amount of damage

Factions (Luxon/Kurzick Replacements)[edit]

Ok I know this might sound weird (again) but i was bored and was looking through the list of player made events and found 'The Mursaat Rally 1 and 2' so I was curouse and clicked on it. for those who were there you know what it was about and for those who have no idea it was to raise awareness of mursaat rights in EoTN and GW2 saying there should be a Mursaat faction blah blah blah so I decided hey.... why not.... why not have those who are working FOR the mursaat and those who OPPOSE the mursaat I've named these:

Mursaat Slayers[edit]

Mursaat slayers are a group of people who oppose the mursaat and think they will bring nothing but trouble (like 'the old legends' say) and are set to destroy every last living one (and Un-Living too *wink wink*) they have special seige weapons and spells that are effective against the mursaat and their followers (these are only attainable in competative missions and AB)

Cult of Mursaat Worshipers[edit]

The Mursaat are on the comeback ever since their embarrasing Defeat 250 years ago and want revenge against their opposers they have re-built their cities and invented new seige weapons and spells that work effectivly against the minds of those who wish them harm (again only attainable in competative missions and AB) they dont know HOW it works and figures out which walls and gates are the enemies but it seems to work just fine. Now they have learned from their mistakes and instead of going into battle themselves they will let the other races do it for them (spectral agony is unatainable since it is a mursaat only skill and humans or any other race are unable to learn it)


normal pets[edit]

I'm sure arenanet wil think of some new amazing pets XD mabe a small dragon or DRACOLICH! (an undead dragon)

Steed/Flying pets[edit]

It's been suggested before thousands of times im just expressing my veiw

different races have different steeds and the ability to gain different 'Steed Skills' (can't think of any skills at the moment so suggest on what I can suggest on my talk page)

  • Charr - Charr Hunter Beast - need I say more?
  • Asura - Clockwork animals - Cool or what? mabe add in hissing joints when they move (Don't have to if you want A-Net staff if it causes lag just leave it out and add in big clunking noises XD)
  • Norn - After the fall of the dwarves they fled in terror at the sight of Drakkar the Mighty Ice Dragon once they reached a safe haven they saw some Dolyak roaming free and tamed them they remained loyal to the Big-Hearted Giants ever since.
  • Sylvari - Some giant Jungle Panther would be cool to ride
  • Humans - Humans, being boring, deserve the plain horse

the different factions (Musaat slayers and Mursaat cult) will give their steeds crude iron armor/red colors or mursaat style armor/yellowey colours.

all steeds can jump W00T!

Scouting Pets[edit]

ever played a game where you fire a missile and you controle it but can't go backwards? well scouting pets are like that only you can stop, turn around, mabe fit into small gaps to open gateways and effectivly scout the enemies position all obviosly within a certain area depending on that pets level *mabe to gain levels you use them to go into trees and eating birds and their eggs for carnivore scout pets and feeding them nuts for herbivore scout pets. this is just a random thing I thought of would be cool.

also fits in with the Y axis they will be adding

aah almost forgot add a skill "scout air pet" or something and make it so that scout pets aren't ranger only (game balancing)

sea pets[edit]

This links in with the next suggestion further down.

Mammal, avian, reptile, amphibian we've seen all of these in guild wars as pets but we are missing one thing: Fish

I reackon it would be cool to add in Fish pets in the guld wars charmable animal section lets say get a crew (similar to a guild but not one) mabe if you got a boat you could charm animals/certain sea monsters like a wale or a GIANT SHRIMP or something like that and mabe if the skill to charm it wasn't charm animal but something like Charming Sea Shanty where the sound heard could be folk music or actually hearing your crew singing something like "what shall we do with a drunken sailor" (haha would be funny to hear the bloopers of A-Net singing that.

mabe we could release a trout or somethhing to act as a sea scouting pet while in 'boat mode' and once you come out of 'boat mode' you could release your hawk or scout pet baby dragon or something to scout above water.

one last thing about pets[edit]

one last thing - I on behalf of ALL pet hunters would like to have new pet slots so you can go to any 'stable master' 'menagerie keeper' or some other thing for fish and sscouting pets mabe say start with 5 pet slots and you can purchase more IN GAME... WITH GAME MONEY when you need to and also they get more expensive as you buy more

max should we say would be about 20 or 30

Crews and Boats[edit]

weve all seen Guilds and Guild Halls, why not have Crews and Crew HQs (honestly I don't know the difference between halls and HQs either... wait... I just thought of something... read on)


different from guilds because you dont have to be in the same one as your guild people (your right hand man in the guild could be your worst enemy and vice versa) like a Guild Cape you will have a Pirate flag which you can mount as a sail on your boat (the 'not show option' will caus it to go blank


obviously like Guilds there should be ranks I've thought of

Captain - acts like a leader

Admirals - acts like a captain as well as adding services to the HQ and adding new Buccaneers, these can buy a ship that can't be bigger or the same size as the captains largest 'Mothership'

Vice-Admirals - acts as a Lieutenent and can also buy a ship - cant be larger or the same as the largest Admiral ship - can also invite new Buccaneers

Buccaneer - these act as regular members and can also buy a ship but it cant be bigger than the largest Vice-Admiral ship


Crews have to have a ship to go to sea in. soo you can buy one change a few things (flag weapons etc) give it a name and off you go pillaging other ships and HQs Or you can not act like a corsair and be part of the navy and protect NPC merchant Ships go on missions to infiltrate pirate bases and catch NPC's Wanted Heads in quests to earn money fast (once you do a bounty that pirates dead and you can't do it again. there you go different factions too


because of different items you will get on land and at sea inventory storage will be an issue so why not have a 'land' inventory, a 'sea' inventory, Xunlai agents and 'the ships hull'

Crew HQs[edit]

Guilds have Halls to hang out in

Crews have HQs

Guilds have a menagerie to look at animals and air scouting pets

Crews have a dock to see their ships and sea pets and a lagoon/ aquarium to see sea scouting pets

Celabration days that need proper events[edit]

1) Halloween

2) Wintersday

3) Dragon festival

4) Lunar new year

5) Easter

6) Valantines day

7) Talk like a pirate day

8) St. Patricks day

end game and vanquishing rewards[edit]

I only just thought of this: how is anet going to give rewards and such for soing stuff? I thought of an answer and by 'an answer' I mean 'more than one answer'.

ok first up I had the idea of guild npc armies for a proper guild 'war' (8v8 is more a guild playfight) so this is how it works

you just vanquished, say, the old orrian kingdom (yes the kingdom/the whole thing/not just arah) so you get a battaleon of tyrian undead as a reward that join your army, maguuma you can get sylvarian archers, tarnished coast will give you asuran soldiers ect

in nightfall - kourna so you get a battalion of kournan soldiers for your army, istan would be sunspears, vabbi would be vabbian guards, crystal desert will give you elonian undead

in cantha - shing jea would be naga, keineng - royal guards, jade sea - luxons, echavold forest - kurzicks etc

of course you may only put on a certain amount of battalions on at a time, although the more battles you win with one battaleon the more 'xp' it will get and so the npc soldiers will level up. just to make it more interesting players can join these battles too but the monsters will not follow them instead they will run straight to go kill the enemies. all guild members can join these battles. extra points given each time the player is killed game ends if the opposition has either no more soldiers or the guild lord had been killed.

obviously the map would become bigger as more battalions are added to stop lag/overcrowding

end game completion.... thats a tricky one since the 'boss' for GW2 would be 9 dragons and so you could get 9 rewards based on the appearance and abilities of the dragon killed eg skull katana for killing the undead one plus once your finished you get an item called 'heroes key' this item is untradeable and cannot be put in the storageyou will need to talk to a random npc - mabe the leader of your race/legion and you will unlock the hall of monuments :3

ok my suggestions are over...

...For now...

be sure to check out my suggestion rant page