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Niki Nana

Count Carpathia

Millenia Storm

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Jagged Bones.jpg Jagged Bones is Triple X Venom's favorite Elite skill.
Blood Ritual.jpg Blood Ritual is Triple X Venom's favorite skill.
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Favorite Builds:
"Necromancer Build"
Weaken Armor.jpg
Deathly Chill.jpg
Well of Blood.jpg
Animate Bone Fiend.jpg
Bitter Chill.jpg
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg
Blood of the Master.jpg

"Necro/Mesmer Build"

Shadow of Fear.jpg
Deathly Swarm.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg
Plague Signet.jpg
Spirit Shackles.jpg
Animate Shambling Horror.jpg
  • Necromancer
  • Level 20 PvP, Tyria
  • Gender: Male Male.png
  • Height: 1/2 max height
  • Created: August 4, 2006
  • Experience: 181,341
  • Age: 5.25 Years
  • Weapons:
  • Adept Dead Staff of Mastery
  • Pet:
  • N/A
  • Miniature:
  • Miniature Necrid Horseman (B-Day 2007), Miniature Harpy Ranger (B-Day 2008), Miniature Abyssal (B-Day 2009), Miniature Terrorweb Dryder (B-Day 2010), Miniature Siege Devourer (B-Day 2011)
  • Elite Skills
All PvP Elites for Necromancer and Mesmer.
  • Titles:
  • ...
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • ...
  • Goals:
  • Working on Drunkard, Party Animal and Sweet Tooth