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In game Jak Of The Shadows
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Monk-icon.png This user is a Monk by nature.
Signet of Capture.jpg All of this user's wiki skills were captured from dead wiki bosses.
What I do on wiki
  • Lurk around the armor pages.

My characters
Stop blindly rushing in you stupid W/Mo's!
Born: May 2005, Tyria
Exp: ~1.6 mil
Titles: Sunspear General, Brave Lightbringer, working on Vanquisher. Capped all heroes.
*Blindly rushes ahead of his group*
Born: April 2006, Tyria
Exp: ~900k
Titles: Tyrian Cartographer
Fear cuts deeper than swords..
Born: September 2006, Cantha
Exp: ~58k
In your death, I live.
Born: January 2007, Cantha
Exp: ~35k
Ascalon's just so cool I can't leave! (Presear)
Born: May 2007, Tyria
Exp: ~42k
Titles: Working on Legendary Defender of Ascalon
Shall we dance the spears together?
Born: Summer 2006, Tyria
Exp: ~200k
The most formidable foe is another player.
Born: May 2006, Hall Of Heroes
Titles: Deadly Hero (4)
May your blade strike ever true.
Born: March 2007, Elona
Exp: ~17k
Birthday Present.png
Anja Astor
I pretty much lifted the whole layout off of her page. Take a look for yourself, she has a very nice page