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PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.

Dervish Forgiftar Blut[edit]

  • Usually runs an Avatar build. Used to love AoG, now runs AoM more often than not. Always has Wild Blow. Wears ugly brown armor not shown in pic, reminds me of Zerg...

Monk Juridiskt Blut[edit]

  • Likes to play ZB, DH Heal Party HB, AoE Windborne Smiter (even post-nerf). Loves to play B-Light, LoD Infuser. Runs Mo/W, Mo/Me, Mo/E, Mo/A, and Mo/D. Also farms (55ing, what else?).

Ranger Krypskytt Blut[edit]

  • Cripshot, Punishing Shot, BA, BHA. Barrager for PvE. Goes R/Rt, sometimes R/Mo (Mending Touch) for PvP. Going to try Oath spirit spamming, Poison Arrow, Prepared Shot when I get the chance/time. Not a big fan of trapping; maybe it's an acquired taste?

Paragon Nedfall Blut[edit]

  • Still a pretty new char, working on him. Can't see him being much more than Cruel/Stunning spearchucker since the "Incoming!" nerf.

Ritualist Rostjarn Blut[edit]

  • Fun char, Rit Lords used to be great. Same with VwK farming. Will eventually work through NF, grab some elites, go Channeling and Restoration.

Necromancer Sjalvmord Blut[edit]

  • Remade for NF. One of my fave chars to play, will probably spend much time on him.

Assassin Tillvaxt Blut[edit]

  • Old Falling Shocker, working on a Whirling Charge variant atm. Farms, Moebius Implaer now. Will end up as a SP Burst sin most likely.

Warrior Upplaggning Blut[edit]

  • Love tanks. Fave builds include Shock Axe and my personal "Fear Me!" D-Slasher. Also, redid for NF, but not too hard to get him back.