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La Cigale Rouge (The Red Cicada) - Assassin/Ranger - Shing Jea Monastery

The name was inspired by the assassin in one of my favourite mangas, Le Prince Des Tenebras


Bleue et Grise (Blue and Gray) - Dervish/Mesmer - Kamadan


Banni Du Futur (Exile from the Future) - Mesmer/Ranger - Eden (Pre-searing Ascalon)


Amie Des Mammouths (Friend of Mammoths) - Monk/Ranger - Eden (Pre-searing Ascalon)

Amie Des Sangliers (Friend of Wild Boars) - Monk/?(probably Ranger) - Eden (Pre-searing Ascalon)


Visiteuse Du Futur (Visitor from the Future) - Ranger/Elementalist - Eden (Pre-searing Ascalon)

The name was inspired by the French comedy/science fiction short format series, Le Visitor Du Futur

Visiteuse Du Jour (Visitor of the Day) - Ranger/undecided - Eden (Pre-searing Ascalon)

Visiteuse De Demain (Visitor from Tomorrow) - Ranger/Elementalist - Post-searing Ascalon

Visiteuse De Lille (Visitor from Lille) - Ranger/Necromancer - Boreal Station


Engime Des Tenebres (Riddle of the Darkness) - Warrior/Mesmer - Post-searing Ascalon

Engime Des Abeilles (Riddle of the Bees) - Warrior/Ranger - Post-searing Ascalon


I am an officer of Guild:The Bloodstained Hand.


I live in France and play in the French regions. I make occasional appearances in other regions to buy items.

In Progress[edit]

As you can see if you put any of my character's names in the Hall of Monuments calculator, I haven't accomplished all that much yet. Currently, though, I am working on :

Banni Du Futur - Getting all the Pre-searing quests done so that she can, alas, leave Eden

Bleue et Grise - Getting through all the Nightfall missions and quests

Engime Des Tenebres - Getting through all the Prophecies missions and quests as quickly as possible

Engime Des Abeilles (Riddle of the Bees) - Getting through all the Prophcies missions and quests and perhaps, if there are enough people, doing some of the arena near Ascalon

La Cigale Rouge - Getting through all the Factions missions and quests

Visiteuse Du Futur - Death-levelling - Am more than 60 percent through the title

Visiteuse De Lille - Survivor - Has already reached the first level of the title and is more than halfway through the second

Visiteuse De Demain - Getting through all the Prophecies missions and quests