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The Bloodstained Hand [TBsH]

The Bloodstained Hand [TBsH]
Guild The Bloodstained Hand cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English and French
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 2
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Time zone CET

Who we are

We are a (very) small guild. We don't currently have any plans for major PvP action, especially not GvG. We meet up in various places to do quests, gather loot, kill monsters, and all the rest of the usual activities.

Guild Rules

We currently have only one rule.

Rule The First: all members must dye their gloves red on all characters. We are The Bloodstained Hand, after all. The only exception is for things like Destroyer Gauntlets that cannot be dyed, and things like Monk Sunspear armour whose gloves do not noticeably change colour when dyed. In these cases, the character must dye some other piece of armour red, preferably the chest.


"Stunts" is a catch-all that covers anything that looks like an interesting in-game achievment, but is not necessarily explicitly recognised by the game.


  • User:Cynique's Je Reste En Vie receives the Living Up To Her Name award for reaching Survivor level 3.
  • User:Cynique's Visiteur Du Futur receives the Pickled Neurons award for reaching Drunkard level 1.
  • User:La Visiteuse's Visiteuse Du Jour receives the Skills Are For Wimps award for reaching level 10 with no skills whatsoever and without dying.
  • User:Cynique's Serizawa Akira receives the Paparazzi Victim award for being screen-shotted for our cape picture.
  • User:Cynique's Gris Et Bleu receives the Appropriate Pet award for being a punk with a Warthog pet.
  • User:La Visiteuse's Visiteuse Du Futur receives the Needs A Dentist award for reaching Sweet Tooth level 1.
  • User:Cynique's Kylara Nightsong receives the Doing it backwards, level 1 award for finishing Eye of the North before anything else.
  • User:Cynique's Kylara Nightsong receives the That's Really Not The Way To Do It award for using so many Honeycombs to reduce Death Penalty that she reached Sweet Tooth level 1.
  • User:Cynique's Cleopatra Aegyptus receives the Really Likes Big Men award for running around with a complete set of Norn armour, a Norn spear, and a Norn shield.

(Note for the monolingual: "Je Reste En Vie" translates to English as "I am still alive".)

Aims and Objectives

The guild itself doesn't have objectives as such at the moment, other than the usual aims of having fun, questing, filling up the Hall of Monuments, and acquiring Charr Salvage Kits by armed robbery.

Contact Information

We can be found in various places, normally in Europe/France districts. Keep an eye open for characters operated by:

And don't forget to keep an eye out for the black cape with the blood-stained hand on it.