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NA-icon.png Character Name
Resurrection Signet.jpg Resurrection Signet is Character Name's favorite skill.
Picture of your character goes here‎ Description of the character. Long or short. Famous quote, family history, playstyle, whatever
  • Primary/Secondary
  • Level 1-20, Nationality
  • Gender
  • Height: Height
  • Age: Creation Date
  • Experience: Experience
  • Armor:
Description of armor
  • Pet:
Pet description.
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
  • Title 1
  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3
  • Goals:
  • Goal 1
  • Goal 2
  • Goal 3

Feel free to either use as is or adapt to make your own template. Basically just paste in the code below to your page and fill in the values for your character. Several variables are pre-filled, just delete the options that do not fit. Any value with ALL CAPS should be written exactly as on the Wiki (i.e Ranger with a capital R etc). Since leaving some of the pre-filled options in will create a red link, they are commented out in the example below. To make the links "live" delete the <--! --> parts. You can add in links and images as you wish also. For an example on how it can look
User:Lensor/Straight N Arrow:
{{User:Lensor/Character tables
| name=Your Character's Name
| photo=<!--[[Image:User Username Imagename.jpg]]-->
| text= Description text. You have to use <br /> if you want to make a linebreak. (as in: Line 1 <br />
Line 2 <br /> Line 3...)
| level=1-20
| nationality=[[Tyria (continent)|Tyrian]]/[[Cantha|Canthan]]/[[Elona|Elonian]]
| gender=
| height=
| created=Created on "creation date" 
:*1st Year [[Image:Birthday_Present.png|15px]]=<!--[[MINIPET NAME]]--> 
:*2nd Year [[Image:Birthday_Present.png|15px]]=<!--[[MINIPET NAME]]--> 
| experience=
| armor=Description of armor, include link if wanted, example [[Ranger Druid armor|1.5k Druid]]
| profession=PROFESSION <!--NA (not X!) for PvP characters-->
| professionlink= <!--[[PROFESSION]]-->  <!--NA or X for PvP characters-->
| secondary=<!--[[SECONDARY PROFESSION]]--> <!--NA or X for PvP characters-->
| profession short= <!-- a/d/e/mo/n/p/r/rt/w/me/x--> <!--X (not NA!) for PvP characters-->
| favorite= <!-- your favorite skill -->
| pet=A level 1-20 hearty/dire/elder <!--[[PET TYPE]]-->  called "Petname".  
| heroes=[[Image:Koss-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Melonni-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Dunkoro-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Tahlkora-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:AcolyteJin-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:AcolyteSousuke-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:MasterOfWhispers-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:MargridTheSly-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:ZhedShadowhoof-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Norgu-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:GeneralMorgahn-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Razah-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Olias-icon.jpg|25px]] [[Image:Zenmai-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Vekk-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Ogden Stonehealer-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Gwen-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Jora-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Pyre Fierceshot-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Livia-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Xandra-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Anton-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Hayda-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Kahmu-icon.jpg|25px]][[Image:Goren-icon.jpg|25px]]
| heroes to get= The lacking heroes, just cut and paste the images from above.
| titles=
:*Title 1, example [[Cartographer|Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer]]
:*Title 2 
:*Title 3 .. add more lines as needed
| accomplishments=
:*Accomplishment 1
:*Accomplishment 2
:*Accomplishment 3 .. add more lines as needed
| goals=
:*Goal 1
:*Goal 2
:*Goal 3 .. add more lines as needed