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General Info[edit]

IGN PvE: Geralt Z Rivii Pl Ranger/Monk PvP: Slim Shady Pl Elementalist/Monk and Niskie Kaczatko Warrior Guild Blood Of Doom [BoD]

PL-EN This user can natively speak in the Polish and the English languages.
EU This user plays on the European server.
PvE This user spends most of GW time on PvE gaming.
Out This user has interests and hobbies outside of GW.

PvE character info[edit]

Character: Geralt Z Rivii Pl


Barrage.jpgDistracting Shot.jpgSavage Shot.jpgAntidote Signet.jpgFavorable Winds.jpgWhirling Defense.jpgTroll Unguent.jpgResurrect.jpg