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User Madhatter Hom.png


"The deeds of honor rise above the darkness of time, told in story.
Written on stone and patterned in the stars, lit by glory.
Never to be forgotten."

Eternal Protector of Tyria.jpg Eternal Protector of Cantha.jpg Eternal Protector of Elona.jpg Eternal Legendary Guardian.jpg Eternal Guardian of Tyria.jpg Eternal Guardian of Elona.jpg Eternal Guardian of Cantha.jpg

Eternal Tyrian Cartographer.jpg ]Eternal Elonian Cartographer.jpg Eternal Canthan Cartographer.jpg Eternal Legendary Cartographer.jpg

Eternal Hero of Tyria.jpg Eternal Hero of Cantha.jpg Eternal Hero of Elona.jpg Eternal Fortune.jpg Eternal Lightbringer.jpg Eternal Savior of the Kurzicks.jpgEternal Spearmarshal.jpgEternal Zaishen Supporter.jpg

Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish.jpg Eternal Misfortune.jpgEternal Conqueror of the Deep.jpgEternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace.jpg


"Even the greatest castle must rely upon its wall, tough and strong.
To prevent disasters, to keep its people safe, armored against wrong.
Never in danger."

Monk Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg Monk Asuran armor m.jpg Monk Elite Canthan armor m.jpg Monk Primeval armor m.jpg Monk Norn armor m.jpg Monk Vabbian armor m.jpg


"A hero's greatest weapons are courage of heart, unchained.
Strength of soul, and rightful fury unrestrained.
Never to be vanquished."

Destroyer Shield.png Destroyer Focus.pngOppressor's Staff.pngDestroyer Scepter.pngDestroyer Staff.png


"In all things, there is a time for work and a time for play, for small pleasures.
A time for one to look back upon bright days and delicate treasures.
Never lost and never weary."

Black Moa Chick.pngMiniature Aatxe.pngMiniature Fire Imp.pngMiniature Fungal Wallow.pngMiniature Harpy Ranger.pngMiniature Hydra.pngMiniature Juggernaut.pngMiniature Necrid Horseman.pngMiniature Jungle Troll.pngMiniature Whiptail Devourer.pngMiniature Raptor.pngMiniature Celestial Ox.pngMiniature Zhu Hanuku.pngMiniature Varesh.pngMiniature Ophil Nahualli.pngMiniature Wind Rider.pngMiniature Palawa Joko.pngMiniature Koss.pngMiniature Siege Turtle.pngMiniature Temple Guardian.pngMiniature Nian.pngMiniature Heket Warrior.pngMiniature Jade Armor.pngMiniature Burning Titan.pngMiniature Thorn Wolf.pngMiniature Cave Spider.pngMiniature Mursaat.png


The world is comprised of small creatures, small loyalties, small stories.
They trust in their heroes, fight by their sides, join in their glories.
Never forsaken.

Acolyte Jin statue.jpg Acolyte Sousuke statue.jpg Anton statue.jpg Dunkoro statue.jpg General Morgahn statue.jpg Goren statue.jpg Gwen statue.jpg Hayda statue.jpg Jora statue.jpg Kahmu statue.jpg Koss statue.jpg Livia statue.jpg Margrid the Sly statue.jpg Master of Whispers statue.jpg Melonni statue.jpg M.O.X. statue.jpg Norgu statue.jpg Ogden Stonehealer statue.jpg Olias statue.jpg Pyre Fierceshot statue.jpg Razah statue.jpg Tahlkora statue.jpg Vekk statue.jpg Xandra statue.jpg Zenmai statue.jpg Zhed Shadowhoof statue.jpg

Black Widow statue.jpg Animal Companion statue.jpg Phoenix statue.jpg Black Widow statue.jpg