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About me[edit]

I have been playing Guild wars since Dec 2007 and have been hooked from the moment I started. I play mainly the PVE side of GW but more recently have gotten a little hooked on AB. I started off life in GW in a guild call Knights of the Albion[ALB], but being a newbie didn't really feel like settling and move on the pastures new. I guild hopped a couple but they were way too inactive for me and went on to find True Army of God [aG]but some serious issues force most member to leave and it was disbanded. I then found the craziest and most active alliance I have ever seen. [YARR]! Being a part of them was so much fun it was unreal! But sadly over a period of time the Alliance just could hold its self together [YARR] dispanded and what few members were left formed a new guild [VENT]. Game play just wasnt the same and for reason i keep to myself i left the world of Guild Wars. 18 months later I have ventured back, hooking up with some old freinds of times past where for now ..... well until GW2 makes an appirance I intend to stay!

Pink Day logo.png This user supports Pink Day in LA and the fight against breast cancer!
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