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Mann's Zoo[edit]

Tyrian Animals Canthan Animals Elonian Animals Exotic Animals
  • Albino Rat.jpg Albino Rat Yes

  • Black Bear.jpg Black Bear Yes

  • Black Wolf.jpg Black Wolf Yes

  • Dune Lizard.jpg Dune Lizard Yes

  • Iguana.jpg Iguana Yes

  • Jingle Bear.jpg Jingle Bear Yes

  • Lynx.jpg Lynx Yes

  • Melandru's Stalker.jpg Melandru's Stalker Yes

  • Strider.jpg Moa Bird Yes

  • Mountain Eagle.jpg Mountain Eagle Yes

  • Polar Bear.jpg Polar Bear Yes

  • Rainbow Phoenix.jpg Rainbow Phoenix No

  • Raven.jpg Raven Yes

  • Strider.jpg Strider Yes (same as Moa Bird)

  • Warthog.jpg Warthog Yes

  • White Crab.jpg White Crab No

  • White Moa.jpg White moa Yes

  • White Wolf.jpg White Wolf Yes

  • Wolf.jpg Wolf Yes

  • Black Moa.jpg Black MoaNo

  • Crane.jpg Crane Yes

  • Phoenix (pet).jpg Phoenix Yes

  • Reef Lurker.jpg Reef Lurker (blue) Yes

  • Lurker.jpg Reef Lurker {red} Yes

  • Tiger.jpg Tiger Yes

  • White Tiger.jpg White TigerYes

  • Crocodile.jpg Crocodile Yes

  • Flamingo.jpg Flamingo Yes

  • Hyena.jpg Hyena Yes

  • Jahai Rat.jpg Jahai RatYes

  • Lion.jpg Lion Yes

  • Lioness.jpg LionessYes

  • Warthog.jpg Warthog Yes

  • Black Widow.jpg Black WidowNo

  • Moss Spider.jpg Moss Spider Yes