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Warrior Skills[edit]

  • Renewing Smash.jpg Renewing Smash: Energy cost to high
  • 25px Shields Up!: To much armor + energy cost to high

Ranger Skills[edit]

  • Pin Down.jpg Pin Down: Only cripple for that much energy
  • Quickening Zephyr.jpg Quickening Zephyr: I really dislike the energy cost and the 30% more energy cost for the other skills

Monk Skills[edit]

  • Amity.jpg Amity: To long recharge time + It kinda suck hard, how wants to use this one?
  • Pacifism.jpg Pacifism: Just a awefull as Amity
  • Ray of Judgment.jpg Ray of Judgement: This one just need a good nerf!

Mesmer Skills[edit]

  • Panic.jpgPanic: Energy cost to high

Necromancer Skills[edit]

  • Holiday Blues.jpg Holiday Blues: I just dont wanna die in the Winterday Quest outside the Eye
  • Well of the Profane.jpgWell of the Profane: Also to high Energy cost

Elementalist Skills[edit]

  • Dragon's Stomp.jpgDragon's Stomp: High energy cost + Exhausion?
  • Earthquake.jpgEarthquake: High energy cost + Exhaustion?
  • Kinetic Armor.jpgKinetic Armor: Just 8 seconds? :(
  • Maelstrom.jpgMaelstrom: High energy cost + Exhaustion?

Assassin Skills[edit]

  • Shadow Form.jpgShadow Form: Farmers for live < originality

Ritualist Skills[edit]

  • Xinrae's Weapon.jpgXinrea's Weapon: Kinda overpowerd

Paragon Skills[edit]

  • Signet of Return.jpg Signet of Return: Long recharge time

Dervish Skills[edit]

  • Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill).jpgAvatar of Grenth: Just a crappy version of Avatar of Dwayna
  • Mirage Cloak.jpgMirage Cloak: Energy cost to high for just 10 second 50% block

Common Skills[edit]

  • "Don't Trip!".jpg"Don't Trip!": Just 5 seconds??
  • Great Dwarf Weapon.jpg Great Dwarf Weapon: I want a self target!