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Hi I'm Shinigami King, also known as Master Fast.

I started playing Guild Wars in April 2006. The reason I chose GW was mostly because it didn't have a monthly fee. Me being a college student without a job, I tend to find it difficult to scrounge money for food, let alone the subscription for World of Warcraft. I got Guild Wars for my 13th birthday and I've played it almost religiously ever since then, only taking a few breaks.

I mostly play the game for the social aspect, I finished Prophecies and Factions after over a year of playing time! I don't really care about being 1337 or whatever, I just like my gaming life in the relatively slow lane.

I've pretty much moved on full-time to Guild Wars 2 now.

If you wanna get to know me online, add any of my characters and I'd be glad to talk to you!

To do list in Guild Wars:
Get through GW:EN
Finish Nightfall
Clear out unwanted items from storage (A job that never gets done!)
Get Life of the Party (2,000 points)
New Armor and Weapons for my Elementalist
Get Party Animal Title

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