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My Hall of Monument rewards in Guild Wars 2.

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What I'm Up Too[edit]

- GW2


Caregiver. "Which Greek God are you?"

You are most like Zeus, the god of the Sky, Justice, and Morals. You are a great person! You are respected, held above others, loud, and well-liked. You are just and completely fair. You have a great personality and love to have a good ...time. You also are sucker when it comes to love and beauty. You cannot help but fall in love. You love kids and like to be around them. You can be kind, sweet, and up-beat. But, should someone cross you, you are the worst enemy. You do not take any bull crap from anyone and demand loyalty and those who are honest. You love the sound of thunderstorms and rainy weather does not bother you at all. Others look up to you for guidance and for advice. Weapon of choice: Lightning bolt.

"What Color Is Your Personality?"

Brad got Blue- The Caring Soul. You'll go out of your way to help a stranger, and to do almost anything for a friend despite the personal cost. You need to be loved, appreciated, and accepted by others. You'll reveal your faults so others understand you more. You are easily heartbroken, but not the to be betrayed. You always get revenge. Red souls either find you annoying, or befriend you. White souls open up to you easily. Yellow souls may disappoint you, valuing fun more than friendship. Other blue souls will care for you. [1]


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Wiki Links[edit]

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Thanks to;

Shinigami King For the navigation bar.

Wynthyst For the minipet, character, mission, skills/elite skills, guild hall, vanquish, and last but not least the hero templates :).

Cyan Light For having the "What profession are you" table on your userpage.

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