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Kind of a Big Deal

Legendary Muppet

I had a whole lotta fun with Rangers during Beta and early game, when they were very powerful. Clearly the opinion was too powerful cos they got nerfed. No more soloing Rotscale. No more holding whole guilds at bay in GvG (with support from equally overpowered NPCs). But after I had finished Prophecies with my Mesmer (Magic Muppet - name since ninja'd by someone else) and my Ele (the 1st Mental Muppet) I then used the slot to make a Ranger and see if it was still fun. It is on the whole, but with so many chars already progressing, and other classes more in demand for team events (we already got several rangers in the guild), he sorta came out to play less often.
User Muppet LegendaryEliteDruid.jpg

Skill Bars


Recently Used
General PvE Damage

Troll Unguent.jpg
Glass Arrows.jpg
Body Shot.jpg
Keen Arrow.jpg
Distracting Shot.jpg
"I Am The Strongest!".jpg
"Finish Him!".jpg

Big damage spike

Troll Unguent.jpg
Prepared Shot.jpg
Dual Shot.jpg
Triple Shot.jpg
Kindle Arrows.jpg
"I Am The Strongest!".jpg
Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.jpg
  • Ranger
  • Level 20, Tyrian
  • Created: November 2005
  • Experience: 4.0 Million
  • Pet:
Has remained faithful to the Melandru's Stalker he collected in pre-searing. His name is Mup. Pet-Mup. Geddit...

Melandru's Stalker.jpg

  • Armor:
Currently running round in the Elite Druid set
Also have a set of FoW Obsidian

Ranger Obsidian armor m.jpg

  • Heroes:
At the Hall of Monuments


Also recruited


To be recruited


  • Minipets:
Dedicated at the Hall of Monuments

Miniature Whiptail Devourer.pngMiniature Wind Rider.pngMiniature Ooze.pngMiniature Flame Djinn.pngMiniature Dredge Brute.pngMiniature Kveldulf.pngMiniature Cave Spider.pngMiniature Juggernaut.pngMiniature Thorn Wolf.pngMiniature Summit Giant Herder.png

  • Character Titles:
Kind of a Big Deal (1)
Legendary Guardian
Protector of Tyria
Protector of Cantha
Protector of Elona
Guardian of Tyria
Guardian of Cantha
Guardian of Elona
Legendary Spearmarshal
Holy Lightbringer
Tyrian Trailblazer
Canthan Trailblazer
Elonian Pathfinder
Adventurous Delver (7)
Not Too Annoying (5)
Underground Agent (6)
Slayer of Demons (6)
Pioneer of the North (2)
Tyrian Skill Hunter
Canthan Skill Hunter
Elonian Skill Hunter
Canthan Vanquisher
  • Account Titles:
Savior of the Kurzicks (12)
Defender of the Luxons (7)
Elite Treasure Hunter (5)
Font of Wisdom (5)
Blessed by Fate (6)
Jinxed (6)
Ally of the Zaishen (4)

  • Other Accomplishments:

Legendary has completed the following campaigns
Guild Wars logo.png Guild Wars Factions logo.png
Guild Wars Nightfall logo.png Guild Wars Eye of the North logo.png
Plus the following elite areas

  • Fissure of Woe

  • Current Primary Focus:
Erm...maybe some EotN stuff to get some rep and skills.