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Assassin-icon.png Canthian Shadow
Unsuspecting Strike.jpg Unsuspecting Strike is Canthian Shadow's favorite skill.
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  • Assassin/Monk
  • Level 1-20, Canthan
  • Male
  • Height: Height
  • Age: Created on 03/06/2007
‎*1st Year Birthday Present.png=MINIPET NAME
  • 2nd Year Birthday Present.png=MINIPET NAME
  • Experience:
  • Armor:
Shing Jea Armor, Dyed blue.
  • Pet:
Pet description.
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
The lacking heroes, just cut and paste the images from above.
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3 .. add more lines as needed
  • Goals:
  • Goal 1
  • Goal 2
  • Goal 3 .. add more lines as needed