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Hey, welcome to my userpage! If you see anything you like here, you are more than welcome to use it for your own userpage, just ask me in my talk page if you need any help with it.

About Me My Storm Within

Name: Nathan Clark.
Age: 30 years and 355 days, 8-29-1989.
Gender: Male.
Talents: 3D Modeling + Animation, Drawing, Wikicoding.
Education: 4th semester College.
College Goal: To major in Game Design, specializing in 3D Modeling and Animation.

Favorite Games: Guild Wars, Oblivion, Final Fantasy(s), Assassin's Creed 1, 2, and Brotherhood, Little Big Planet 1 + 2.
Consoles Owned: Ps3, Wii.

PSN name: Neithan Diniem

Favorite Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy.
Favorite Books: The Inheritance Cycle, Shannara books, Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Movies: Avatar, Batman Begins, Tron Legacy.
Favorite Animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar The Last Airbender, Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
Favorite Bands: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Falling Up, High Flight Society, Hinder.
Favorite Animals: White Dragons, White Tigers.

Alter Ego: Neithan Diniem
Species: Winged Silverstripe Tiger/Shark hybrid.

My personal quotes
  • ˙ʇɥƃıɹ ʇı ǝʞɐɯ oʇ ƃuıɥʇou sǝop op ı ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ puɐ 'uʍop ǝpısdn pǝddıןɟ sı pןɹoʍ ʎɯ
  • The things in life that hurt the most are the illusions you've made to deceive yourself.
  • Yesterday is always gone, and tomorrow never comes. Happiness only exists today, for today is the only day we are given.
  • Most people aren't blessed by being born a somebody, and many others aren't simply given that status freely or through mere chance. One must spend time at being nobody first before one can know how to become somebody.
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As you look at me, you see me as I appear,
A normal 19-year old guy upon this world.
Just a simple man out among the hoards,
Wandering among them, and through them.
My face is veiled beneath my hood.
My frame beneath a concealing cloak.
People see me and wonder what I am about,
Think I may be trouble waiting in the peace.
They avoid me and shove me away,
Hoping that their troubles will follow after.
But what they see is just the shell that holds me,
Their eyes incapable of piercing what they perceive.
Beneath this pale wrap lies the real me,
The unalterable truth to who I am within.
I am an Enigma, something beyond the mind,
A thing difficult to grasp and understand.
I am as a storm broiling deep within the void,
Beyond the prying eyes of the world.
My emotions moving and swirling around
Like a black twister upon a dieing plain.
The plain is overgrown with venomous thorned vines.
With poison dripping, waiting for the cut they need.
They seek forth for anything they can find,
Growing out among the razored stones like snakes,
Trying to bring pain upon those that are found.
But I am more than capable to pass through them.
I lash out against my pain with instincts,
Striking out at the encroaching forest of thorns.
My surrounding storm becoming my protection,
Tearing and thrashing a path through the thickets.
But just as a hurricane billows and rolls and swirls,
The calm is within the eye of the cataclysm.
This is my consciousness, silent and still.
Wrapped within the dark clouds of my emotions,
An ordered chaos within the vast abyssal plain.
Here I exist, moving and breathing,
Walking deep amidst these dark, rolling clouds.
But I am more than just a deprived wanderer,
I reach out to explore the worlds beyond the storm.
Outwards I stretch towards the borders,
My mind and senses seeking for what is beyond.
I feel with the elements, the limbs of this universe.
My senses react, and my mind comprehends,
And together they bend my elemental emotions.
With a bright, elegant flame I love,
Like an eternal fire within the darkness.
As an inferno I rage, burning and consuming,
Charring this pre-searing world I am upon.
As a grand boulderous rock I am strong,
My strength comes from the core of my being.
As the earth below I am patient and enduring,
Weathering the storms of others around me.
Like the north wind I am uncontainable,
'These hands of society cannot hold me back.
As a slight breeze on a shoulder I am gentle,
Gently reaching out to comfort all those near to me.
As the water is forever unchanging, so am I,
No matter the assailment, I am still me.
But I am water, full of currents unseen,
My thoughts flowing beneath this mirror sea.
As lightning is quick, that I am as well,
Quick to voice my thought and opinion.
But the lightning must fade, though.
I will always listen, like the thunder after.
I am as skillfully forged and hammered steel,
My loyalty is unbending and unbreakable.
My anger is my sword, but my kindness is my shield,
Ill defend my friends with a warrior's vigor.
As a shadow I am, shaded and undefinable,
I may be unnoticed, but I am still there.
As a light I shine, standing out among the throng,
Making myself and my thoughts known.
This is my emotion, my storm around the calm,
My chaos in the void imbued within this shell.
I walk along, and my storm within follows.
Never shall it be elsewhere than where it is now.
I am but a weary traveler upon these paths,
Wandering along them in this life I walk.
I am the slumbering Dragon within its Hold,
The stalking Tiger in the moment of the hunt.
I am waiting and searching both at once,
Though for what exactly for I know not.
So fear not this swirling storm if you see it,
All you need to do is look within it,
When you do, the truth to what you see will appear.
It is only this traveler who is an Enigma.
Welcome me as a friend, and I shall do the same.'
Ill give to you my sword and my shield,
The chaos around will not harm you,
But welcome and show you who I am within.
For a friend to me is by far more dear
Than many would think is worth the price.
This is me, and this is all there is to say.
Accept me as I am, or move from my path.
I will not change who I am for any other,
Save for those whom I befriend and love.
My path is made and laid out before me.
I will walk it to whatever end it brings.
And so I remain the traveler, the Enigma,
Waiting and searching within my storm.

This is an old poem I wrote back when I was 18, and was meant to describe myself
as I saw myself using the environment as my characteristics. I think it is fitting to who I am, at least I hope it still is. Manny people I know that I have shown this to say that this is the case. Im working on a new one once I get the time.

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