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Greetings. I assume you have come to my page because you are interested in me, the Wiki user - not me, the Guild Wars player. Therefore, I will not clutter my user page with silly icons, screenshots, statistics, and/or lists of in-game accomplishments and titles. Instead, I will provide a limited amount of information about myself pertaining to my thoughts on the game.

I am a veteran Guild Wars player and I own all four installments. I run a tiny guild that consists of myself and the occasional friend who wants to try out the game. Because I don't own a stack of Ectos or Shards, and I don't regularly engage in GVG, I seem to be stuck in that dismal, unrecognized middle ground between "noob" and "pro." I am indifferent to this though; I play for fun and for titles, not for recognition or fame. I am a 29-year-old player and I try to stay away from younger gamers. I despise elitism in video games. I consider myself exceptionally noob-friendly.

When I share my thoughts, I try to do so in such a manner that is plainly understandable. In other words, I am concise; I make an effort to use proper spelling and grammar; I believe that "u" is not an abbreviation for "you." I communicate like an adult because I wish to be treated like one. If you wish the same, then I suggest you do the same, and extend the same courtesies to me.

If you see a typo or coding error on my page, do feel free to correct it - but please leave a note on my talk page indicating said change. Otherwise, I won't know about the mistakes I've made.

And yes, my links and and typed thoughts are poorly organized on this page. I'm aware.

My Experiences on Guild Wars Fan Sites[edit]

I contribute to the following sites under the same user name:

The Wikia Wiki[edit]

  • Pros - Generally more information. Walkthroughs are generally more detailed and complete. Facts and game mechanics seem to be better researched and reported.
  • Cons - Jerks, edit nazis, page squatters, and users who think they "own" edit rights to a particular page. Not a fun community.

PvX Wiki[edit]

  • Pros - None really.
  • Cons - Droves of elitist assholes. Don't ask questions there. In fact, if you can't post a perfect build, and if you can't vote in a manner consistent with what the admins agree with, then don't bother posting anything at all.

This Wiki[edit]

  • Pros - "Official." Responsiveness from employees. Fairly good information.
  • Cons - It's amusing to note that the exact same people who engage in varying degrees of assholery and elitism on the Wikia site end up grabbing their ankles or kissing the employees' asses here on the official wiki. I'd really like to see this sort of behavior die off; you're not going to get a weapon named after you for cleaning up an employee's talk page, so stop being a fanboy.

My Suggestions, Feedback, and Griefing[edit]

Skill Ideas[edit]

Lead Arrows Preparation. For 24 seconds, your arrows have a 5... 10... 15 percent chance to cause knockdown. You move and attack 15... 25... 33 percent slower.

Guild Wars Wiki Admins[edit]

I'd like to see every sysop and admin on this site stripped of their privileges and an entirely new crew brought in. Too much drama, too much finger-pointing, too many cliques and, and too much abuse/misuse; not enough admitting to their mistakes, or manning up and getting shit done.

Guild Names That End with Their...[edit]

...[Tag]. Can this fad die already?

Wiki Lulz[edit]