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  • Wastrel's Collapse Wastrel's Collapse: functionality changed to: After 4 seconds target foe is knocked down, that foe and all adjacent foes take 125 damage. Ends if target foe uses a skill.
  • Locust's Fury Locust's Fury: functionality changed to: For 5...29...35 seconds whenever you land a critical hit all adjacent foes take 5...49...60 shadow damage. Recharge increased to 45 seconds, skill moved to Shadow Arts attribute.
  • Shroud of Silence Shroud of Silence: functionality changed to: Shadow step to target foe, this foe loses all hexes but has their skills disabled for 0...4...5 seconds.
  • Boon Signet Boon Signet: functionality changed to: Signet. Heal target ally for 50 health and an additional 5...29...35 health for each enchantment on that ally. If that ally was not under the effects of an enchantment, they lose 1 hex and this skill takes an additional 5 seconds to recharge.
  • Scribe's Insight Scribe's Insight: functionality changed to: Enchantment Spell.For 15 seconds next time target ally would take damage that ally and all adjacent allies gain 0...4...5 energy. 5 energy, 1 second cast, 7 second recharge.
  • Withdraw Hexes Withdraw Hexes: All allies within earshot lose 1...2...2 hexes. For each unique hex removed this skill takes an additional 10...5...4 seconds to recharge. 15 energy, 10 second recharge, 1 second cast time.
  • Word of Censure Word of Censure: Same damage, same everything, just added: If struck foe was under the effects of an enchantment you gain 3 energy.