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Pretty much this.

Hiya! My name is Priscilla and I'm currently conducting a study on high-PvP, though my current focus are HA Guilds, within Guild Wars. I am in the drafting stages of my thesis and am looking for one or two final guilds to interview and observe, SO I would be entirely open to any help or guidance you may have to offer! Please leave any business on my talk page and I will respond promptly!

This wiki and most primarily the treatises and critiques made by its contributors have served as excellent support thus far, as to the point that I've proactively sought conjecture on a few topics. This said, if you're thinking of writing such a piece, please direct me to it and I'd be happy to read and consider your opinions. If you feel that a discussion would better suit the subject at hand, feel free to start one on my talk page. Thanks also to those who already have so graciously allowed me to cite their work.

Also, please keep in mind that this study serves as a portion of a graduate program thesis paper and so anything you may give me may also see publishing - therein keep all information accurate, relevant and as credible as you can manage and express to me if you believe there may be a margin of error. Also, if you would like a pseudonym, beyond even your online username, I will certainly accommodate this. :) Thank you in advance for all of your assistance and especially to Ms. Valen, who gave aid while I was still an IP address.

~ le petit oiseau