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I will post anything that may be relevant to my contributions/activity on the wiki here (or if anything tales my fancy XD)

About Me (IG)[edit]

I am part of my Brothers guild "Tactical Assault Guild [taG]" we are a kurzick guild, the guild is small and consists mainly of my bros friends and my friends (me and my friends tend to be on more than him and his). We have one member who hasn't been on for over a year =O. I mainly do PvE, running tends to be my main source of income but i sometimes farm or just do missions etc. I try and help out my friends when I can (usually involves helping with a mission or running them somewhere.) I have completed all 3 games and EotN. In PvP I mainly AB, I'm not that bothered about TA or RA, and i suck at HA (because i generally have to get PUGs which tend to suck at HA), plus by ABing i get balth. faction for unlocks and kurz. faction for my title-wooooo. I have pretty much UAS (except for some EotN skills), and have most upgrades.

Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.


My Sandbox


The Layout for my character box things (stolen from Grinch)

Quiz results[edit]

You scored as Mesmer, You are very skillful and always have good tricks up your sleeve. You are very intelligent yet still misunderstood by other professions. Your more of a behind the scenes kind of fighter and try to avoid close contact. All in all you are the master of trickery and are the most worthy ally on the battlefield!!

You scored as Kurzick, When the Jade Wind swept through the branches of Echovald Forest, it turned everything to stone. Now, two centuries later, life has cautiously returned. The Kurzicks were the first to venture back to the forest. There they have adapted to their petrified surroundings and have begun to carve their culture into this new landscape.

You scored as Shining Blade, You are a rebel at heart, much like the Shining Blade. You believe that oppression must be opposed. You cannot bear to see your fellows suffer at the hands of those who ought to be caring for them, and you will take a stand against such abuse. You fight for what you feel is right, even if it is not the popular decision.