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Notes to Visitors[edit]

This Comes First[edit]

  1. If anyone wants to change or crop or make the screenshot I've uploaded the way they wish, please feel free to do so because I seriously cannot remember what I've uploaded. I upload new screenshots only when I think I have a better one, but opinion differs from one person to another, so if you think they should be corrected please go ahead and do so. If i have accidentally over-uploaded a file and you think yours is a better one, go ahead and revert it. I'll have no qualms.
  2. Anyone having anything to add to my suggestions to improve them are very welcome, but only constructive discussion will be entertained.

My thoughts on GW 2[edit]

Put caps on skills, armors and weapons but not the characters[edit]

This idea promotes players in actually playing the game instead of going for the max level then "grind" for titles and farm for "elite stuffs" in the game.

There has to have different one time only quests and missions, sprung up at different areas of the game world 365/24/7 at a random intervals. It will also allow for guildies/alliances to recruit players or a global announcement that xx area have xx incident, players will have to deploy themself to those location for the experience and special rewards, If players are absent during that time they don't get those experience and rewards. Therefore players have got to be in the game forever! Experience points will be added, and special rewards place in players inventory for to use later, in exchange of elite skills, weapons, armors and what nots for their characters. the rewards items are customized and non-transferables.
There will also be no level caps! Every players starts out age 17-300 (a suggested choice age range depending on race, also for the looks and customisation of character) with all non-elite skills already available in their "skill book/list of skills" and they grow with the game, the skills evolve with the character in "real time". For instant Player Z's meteor shower would be different from Player X's meteor shower depending on how these players use it, this might be a bit far fetch, inbalance game = bad i suppose, but, it would reflect skill >time, so how to fix that, by putting a cap on the maximum damage meteor Shower can cause. Therefore, in time, when players have throughly explore the possibility of using meteor Shower, it will be at its full potential.
This way player Z who actually play the game and understand how the skill works and how their chain effect will turns out, will have a much higher damage output if they use skill bar X compare to player X who don't play the game but slap on skill bar X which they actually never use before will probably have maybe 0 damage, like 2 persons, buys the same piano and plays Piano Concerto No. 3 by Rachmaninoff, one practices everyday and one just bought the music sheet but never practice it sort of thing.

Why is this a good idea

  • Many players have ask for a way to show how many experience points their character have
  • Levelling of non-elite skill has to be short ones so that character will be able to fully utilise all skills related to their profession.
  • With this system, players do not have to spend one in game gold to play the game. All they need to do is play the game, get the reward exchange for things.

Why this is a bad idea

  • May become another type of "grind" for in-game item.

Additional Notes

  • elite skills will only be available for capping when all the non-elite skills have been "level to the max" (or at one point of the character development as see fit by the development team) This is because in GW2 there will have significantly low numbers a skill available for use, therefore levelling one's non-elite skills is quite feasible.
  • This idea would goes nicely with the "Factions - taking sides and fighting against each other" the more you defend your faction the more rewards you will get, not one in-game gold involved, depending on how "loyal" you are at defending your faction/guild/alliance.
  • Off course gold drop, crafting, armor making etc will still be in the game but if a player choose not to, this is an alternate way to get item for use on their characters, by playing the game.

Tracking Inventory - Reverting Account.[edit]

This is a prevention system that I think Guild Wars 2 should and must have. A way to revert your account to where it was before any players in the unfortunate event of getting Hacked and their inventory Clean out. Since it is a new game altogether, I like to add the possibility of Reverting the entire Account together with the Characters information, levels, in one sentense, Revert The Account Entirely to Before it is Hacked or Violated.

I would not presume to know how the coding would work in this kind of system, but I hope Arena Net in development, will take into consideration such a system so that any misfortune that is to occur, when Guild Wars 2 is out that the players interest is being look after.

Character Creation-A different type of approach[edit]

Character Creation In the begining there was ...

How it works

4 character slots per account to start. Although 5 is preferred, but got to think of the business side for Arena Net :P~.
Characters starts out without profession, they are universal just like you and me, they train to become who and what they are (determine by what skill they train more with). *Max profession level character are those who has become uax/uas, this is when Character can choose to change their Primary profession.
When Character profession level are max, opening up the skill (K, in GW1) will be somewhat the same, you can select what primary and secondary profession for the character, the different is you can also select what primary profession. (This is inspired by the changeable attribute points)
Your character will start out by selecting their race, sex, age, height, weight, skin color, hairstyle, volume and distribution (changeable later in game) and finally name. each will determine how they look, with special facial tweaking, higher cheek bones, more hair for Charr, Charr stripes patterns, etc, I am sure Arena Net already have a very good idea on how to do customize on the character faces, otherwise...
But this is not all, to fully function, character has to have the required armor and weapons equip. ie-if you choose warrior primary, then your character must have warrior equipments and armors ready.
Why this is a good idea
  • Its good :P~
  • No separate sets of armor for different professions (like in GW1), but separate sets of armor that can be worn by one single character of different races.
  • Think of all the grind cut down for starting new character for each different profession.
  • No buying of more character slots could mean Arena Net has to come up with more expansion for sale, Yay!
Why it may not work out
  • No buying of more character slots
  • Flawed in that it undermines the entire point of having professions which at the moment lends a degree of strategy to the game.
  • Universal armor leads to a boring wardrobe and lack of variety in peoples avatars
  • Face customization as the one mentioned here is almost universally ugly in that EVERY other game which has tried this ends up with "mug shot"-esque avatar faces.
  • Also the idea is unclear, it states that "Characters starts out without profession...Max profession level character are those who has become uax/uas, this is when Character can choose to change their Primary profession", how exactly can you change your primary profession when you never choose one in the first place? Seems contradictory in nature.

Additional Notes

  • Max profession level is NOT Level cap, its when you have train with all the skills of all professions and all those skills can deliver max damage.
  • Think and chew on it. Don't censored stuff and ask how to choose professions, Thank you. Bold, read above in brackets. Detailed follow in case still don't understand-players choose their profession by selecting what skills to use and level those skills. When all warrior skills (assuming those skills you choose are warrior skills) are max, player can called themselves a warrior, and move on to level other skills, or level skills of different profession simultaneously, in which case will be less concentrated (ie: players will have on skill from ranger one skill from ele etc), in Guild Wars case, players can level 2 professions at once.
  • Professions still exist, they are on one single character.
  • Face customization is not what this idea is about, ugly or not its up to the Art team as to what skins and textures they allow players to tweak with.
  • Universal armor does not mean one type of armor, it means one character can wear all type of armors. There are still armors for different professions. You'll be begging for more armor storage as your character have to have all profession related armors and weapons to function. (sorry i forgot to delete the wrong info under why this is good)

In-game Built Vault[edit]

A place where players can submit build that they have created. Other players can retrieve these build to use, all from in-game. Could come in many forms, IE: a quest to get a Build Tome, an NPC in town, possibly a librarian. Of something like the F10 features. either way, you can register your build or retrieve other players made build. Build can also be nominated for voting for the best build of the months, (the details of the voting system has to be done carefully so there's no prejudice, for instant same guild/alliance tag can't vote, something in that line) the build of the months will be rewarded accordingly.

Why this is a good idea
  • Encourage players to make their own build.
  • Less players will fully explore each and every skills to come up with the best build of the month rather then visiting wiki everytime.
  • More activities for players in-game.
Why it may not work out
  • After a while all build possibilities will be explored.
  • More players will simply copy the highest voted build rather than fully exploring each and every skill to come up with their own build.
  • Vandals would fill the system with bad builds and vote on said builds to fool new players.
  • The most popular build isn't necessarily the best build; this would help to spread bad builds that for some reason are popular, like today's Wa/Mo with Healing Hands and Mending.

Additional Notes

  1. Voting system can be build to prevent vandals, ie: not letting players who submit said build to vote. each player can vote once.

Storage-Throw out the unnecessary[edit]

Items that clutter up the a character's inventory which can be omitted such as quests items, lockpicks, keys, scrolls, books, summoning stones, identification kits, salvage kits, mini pets, to not take up one slot in your character's inventory. Should function like Dungeon key once you pick up or purchase, it will be register as you have those items and not a "physical" item that takes up one slot in the inventory. For purpose of trading, these items will have a tab in the trading windows for players to specify how many to sell depending on how many said players have if and when player choose to sell those item. Salvaging and Identifying-when purchasing you specify volume of each needed, if players have purchase identification kit, pointer arrow will change to magnifying glass when cursor is place over item to identify with a keyboard combination.
Why this is a good idea
  • Solve inventory problem when farming
  • Never have to re-take quest again if your quest items have been misplace
Why it may not work out
  • Could be confusing where you keep your item.
  • May not have that many keys on keyboard for the keyboard combination

Xunlai House Extention - The Middle Man[edit]

What it does

The Middle Man keeps track of items sold for how much, when and where, from whom to whom (this particular info is kept secret to use only when a violation is breach, ie scam or suspiciously large sums of gold has change hands)the rest of the infos are retrievable by talking to The Middle Man. Information beside the above mention are, how much does item X cost - for player to know the current market price of items, how often does trade occurs for item Z - for player to know how rare/common item Z is and etc (others to be included as see fit by Arena Net)
The Middle Man also helps players trade items that require large amount of gold in transaction between 2 players. It is the only way two account can transfer more then X amount of gold within a period of 24 hours(note1), to prevent RMT.

Why this is a good idea

  • Convenience
  • Cut down scamming activities
  • Making it easier for players who are not power trader to get involve in the in-game trading market.
  • Enabling large amount of cash transfers between 2 players.
  • Preventing RMT

Why it may not work out

  • Server strain

Additional Notes

  1. I put down server strain, but if this is a good idea (depending) will Arena Net please make it work.
  2. Please note I've change the title of this suggestion to The Middle Man instead of The Record Keeper. Because now it does more then keeping records.
  3. Note1 explain, Either a cool off time for a next large sum transfer or The Middle Man will red flag the accounts involve in the large sums of gold transfer if and when more then one large sums of gold has been transfers within a period of 24 hours. So that if the players is actually spending gold legally they will not be stop from doing so.

Tome a-la-mode[edit]

What It Does

This tome will gives players information on dying/texturing anything that is dye-able in the game, once require quests and/or criteria is matched/done. colourable items like armor parts, hair, skin color, weapons and any future item for instant a ranger's pet, and all materials acquired for a certain dye. This tome will have sub pages like this: sparklies textures, animated textures, transparent chaos glove like texture and the normal change of colors. Under those 3 categories are items that can be dye/painted/texture change.
  1. this is a tome for changing the textures of item that are made dyeable in the game.
  2. this tome grows and cap when your character has learn every thing that is required in dying and texturing of the character.
  3. this tome collects information of item for making dyes that players has collected once the require items are complete, players can choose what to dye from the tome. once those ingredients are used, players have to get more from the game. of trade for it with other players.
  4. this tome will contain a color slider
  5. this tome will contain a sparklies slider
  6. this tome will contain a hue and satuaration slider (i think developer knows this, its basically what any paint program is using nowadays)

for the slider to work: for instant cyan = spiritedwood, glittering dust = sparklies, so if player place this 2 items in the book they can dye a piece of armor sparklies cyan. provided they have acquire the knowledge to make sparklies dye a one time quests (possibly talk with some guy in a far away land). To make it less saturated, players will need to add spring water. Something along that line.

Why this is a good idea

  • unlimited color choice
  • no more dye bottle to keep taking up valuable storage space.
  • Making use of all things that drop from monsters in the game. For instant Black Pearl ...
  • customize customize customize!

Why it may not work out

Observer Mode Upgrade[edit]

What It Does

  1. Maintain the current PvP observer mode
  2. Add a PvE elite areas/dungeons/mission/questing observer mode.

Why this is a good idea

  • Observe how other players play in elite area, so that players who have never been to those high end area can observe and learn before actually attempting to go to those places, failed and never want to try again.

Regarding Maps[edit]

What It Does

A collection of things i thought would be nice to add for ease of use of the map.
  1. An overlay of grid. Which can be turn on and off.

Why this is a good idea

  • So that it is easy to tell another player, your friends, guild mate or anyone asking for direction exactly where what is.

Why this may not work

Random Creatures Spawn[edit]

What It Does

A randomizer to ensure all creatures spawn in maps are different each time players enter any map or area.

Why this is a good idea

  • Games becomes more interesting as every area is a "new area" every time players explore it.
  • Reduce the "grind" as players can no longer repeatedly kill one single group of creatures to reach a certain "target".
  • Boss creatures will be harder to locate. Making "special boss item" more desirable as it will be harder to find and kill them.
  • Promoting players to play the game and explore multiple different builds as oppose to using one single build for 3 years to farm one area.
  • Also promotes team work, as players will have to depend on other players to give them "news" of the "spawn of the hours" IE: what boss is where now! Come kill it, scenario.

Why this may not work

  • It would be almost impossible to track down bosses