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Monk Timory Clearwater Paragon Ryan Quinn Ranger Ben Graeves
Mesmer Vawn Verres Elementalist Ishe Atisheh Dervish Murad Atisheh
Ritualist Echo Atisheh Warrior Ohia Atisheh Necromancer Ghost Atisheh
Assassin Caledonia Craven Ranger Loki Atisheh Ritualist Michael Kelly
Elementalist Darro Rhune Mesmer Astolat Atisheh Ranger Her Tramp

When Bear tried to lure me into Guild Wars during the beta previews, I stubbornly refused to play a game which looked like simple humans swinging swords at each other, but later caved and tried it out. To my amazement, the game was so much prettier on the screen than in the meager screenshots, and I've been hooked ever since.

My first character was Vawn, the mesmer, and I stumbled through the class with no real knack for it, but we managed to make it to the Maguuma Jungle. He's named loosely after Vaughn from Alias, thanks to my obsession with the show at the time, and he remains my oldest character, nicknamed the Gypsy Pirate for his antics and pseudo-history.

Soon after, roleplaying characters from Bear and my writing outside of the game began to trickle in. Everyone whose name does not end in Atisheh in my lineup has their roots in the written word. Those of them that are still written about are Ben, Quinn, and Michael.

I feel most comfortable playing a ranger more often than not, but I greatly enjoy necromancing. At present, I have only maxed one title (Protector of Tyria), but Ben has minored in most other titles. I have two accounts; one is primarily full of boys, and the other is for girl characters.

I stole this layout from Nkuvu because the wiki scares and confuses me for the most part.

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