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Quotes (Not neccessarilly from this wiki)[edit]

"Definition: Love is shooting your target in the knees from 120 meters away. With an Aratech sniper rifle, and a Tri-Light scope."-HK-47, Star Wars: Kinghts of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

"Legitaamite Buiiisssneeesss!"-Homsar

" Cuz i'm awsome that way"-my own personal quote

(continuing from a previous conversation)...lawlz, didnt know that. im still a newb to this wiki..--Me

you need to make me expect a link first. if i didin't ask for a link, i'll always look where it goes first :P--Y0 ich halt

eh...worth a shot......thoguh i would expect you to be the only person to click on it o_O--Me

i did watch the vid, i like it and it saves me the search on youtube/navigating through my user space XD--Y0

I only have Guild Wars Prophecies - is it possible to get heroes (even in PvP)?--The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:

Short answer: nope.--Fighterdoken

Long answer: nope. Calor

Medium answer: nope. --Shadowphoenix

Maybe just a plain answer....? strange people. Your plain answer: nope. -- Wandering Traveler

My Philosophy(s)[edit]

Lying never solved anything

Dont complain about that last nerf to that [insert profession here] skill. As I have seen many others say: QQ moar.

E=Mc squared

The chicken came before the egg

Guild Wars 2 WILL be awsome, and you know it, Blizzard!

Sarcasm does NOT work on this wiki, unless you use a <sarcasm> tag..... </sarcasm> :P

Funny Mispellings Of...[edit]

My Name[edit]

Ok, lets face it. People will mispell stuff on the internt a lot (see? i spelt internet wrong :P), and i think its funny when they mispell my name. It's not their fault, and i'm not the grammar and spelling police, but i want to list some of the mispellings ive seen so far. NOTE: these were accidnetal mispellings. If someone tries to get their mispelling on this list, and i think it was intentional, i will reject it!

  1. Ralph
  2. Rap
  3. Ralth

more to come....