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Hi. I have been playing Guild Wars and contributing to the Wiki since early 2008. I have found a lot of information that is very useful, so thanks to all of the contributors. I have an eye for grammar, so I will be making corrections when I see spelling mistakes or ungrammatical sentences.


After a contribution I sincerely hope that the edited article will be better than before. To this end I will make an effort to follow the Wiki's guidelines, respect the integrity and spirit of the articles I edit, use correct spelling and grammar, and edit for the benefit of the readers.


The background music during the local weather broadcast, the Oxford Dictionary of the English language, Latin, the blank minimalist canvas (why didn't I think of that?), pink, Java® (the programming language), and playing Guild Wars while waiting for a storm to pass.

Sylvana Nova[edit]

Sylvana Nova, Adventurer Extraordinaire
Profession Ranger/Monk
Campaign Prophecies
Favorite Weapons Poisonous Nevermore
Flat Bow of Shelter
Title Tyrian Cartographer
Level 20

Sylvana was born in a very small fishing village south west of Ascalon city in Wizard's Folly. The village is so small in fact that it does not have a name but it was charming and tranquil. Sylvana's parents were traditional folks. Her father, Josh, was a fisherman and her mother, Cynthia, was an accomplished potter and weaver.

Sylvana's childhood was idyllic and peaceful but she did not show much interest in fishing, pottery or textile weaving. Instead she displayed an almost precocious ability to hit distant trees with a toy bow that one of the villagers gave her on her seventh birthday. She had a fertile imagination and would pretend to be an adventurer while she chased rabbits, pigs, and other animals in the woods surrounding her village. But then, one terrible day, Sylvana's life and the life of every one around Wizard's Folly changed when fire rained from the sky changing the fertile valleys into desolate and arid deserts.

Sylvana survived the Searing along with a few other villagers, her parents died and she developed a quiet anger that would drive her desire to avenge her loved ones. In time she found Aidan who taught her the skills of the ranger, fortunately she had a natural ability and today she is an accomplished archer and Charr slayer. In spite of the tragedy that marked her early years, Sylvana has maintained a serene and gentle side to her. She sought the advice and company of sages and healers. She eventually became an apprentice under the direction of brother Mhenlo, who taught her a multitude of healing skills, divine prayers and other skills that would make Sylvana a well rounded adventurer.

Other characters[edit]

I have set up a personal GW fan site to document and share my characters, they are Katiushka Gorki, Olga Tristanova, and Sasha Karenina.