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I'm an avid Guild Wars fan/player. I don't want to make this page too pretty (maybe just pretty) since I only like stalking/reading/posting and wiki isn't my life.

These are my characters. All have one thing in common and 2 patterns.
- Renin Blackwell (Elementalist/Tyrian)
- Renin Arhwazna (Ranger/Tyrian)
- Renin Heavyarms (Warrior/Tyrian)
- Renin Sephiroth (Necromancer/Canthan)
- Renin Poderoso Deus (Paragon/Elonian)
- Renin Hasani Amun (Dervish/Elonian)
- Renin Kage no Kami (Assassin/Canthan)
- Hikari Keiko Renin (Monk/Canthan)
- Amunet Isis Renin (Mesmer/Elonian)
- Anima Orator Renin (Ritualist/Canthan)
I like to be known by my name Renin hence the propensity of using my name as a moniker. Renin is not my real name but it is what the Japanese calls me. I rather be called Ren than Len.
I've also anguished over the names of characters since I wanted them to be appropriate to their profession. Some needs no thinking to get like Heavyarms or Blackwell. Some are real names and some comes from words that I've pieced together from different languages. The ranger's last name is "Arrow" in gothic. The paragon's translates to "Powerful God" in latin. The Monk translates to "Light blessed/respectful child" in Japanese and are common names. Mesmer's roughly translates to "Feminine Amun, Queen to the throne" in Egyptian.